Mar 8, 2016

Happy International Women Day 👄💅💃💕

Happy International Women's Day to all inspiring hot moms, beauty tycoons, every single pretty babes and to all woman of planet earth! Keep doing whatcha doing, stand strong, fly high.

"Dont be a Queen waiting on a King. Be a Queen, busy with her Kingdom until her King arrives" 

Keep inspiring, keep hustling! And lets run the world! 💃💪❤💅

Yours truly 💕

Mar 3, 2016

Bisnes Trip ke Miri =)

Trip bisnes ke Melaka dan Johor Bharu menemui rakan kongsi baru Green Leaders Group from Premium Beautiful Corset Top Agents

Hello Mirians..!! Insya-Allah i'll be in  Miri next week, Most probably from Friday to weekend!!!
So, lemme no earlier k darlingss 😍😍

Alhamdulillah, permintaan premium beautiful corset makin hari makin rancak sempena menyambut Ramadhan yg akan kunjung tiba.. so, orang2 miri yg sekitar dgnnya, lets meet up & make appointment with me now!

besides, if you buy premium beautiful corset now, you could get cash rebate & have a chance to get a FREE holiday in Beijing...woww! 

Warga Miri jumpa anda di sanaaa~!!!..;)