Feb 17, 2016

The Leading Body Shaping Lingerie

Do you know that Premium Beautiful Sales sentiasa cecah Million Ringgit every month?

Now, we have two designs to choose from. It can be either the Classic Black or the Elegance in Silver with an exclusive gold embroideries.

- Stunning look with a lovely body contour as it gradually enhances body shape while maintaining excellent figure

Premium Beautiful Elegance

- Total Comfort & Flexibility for today's modern and active women
- Superior High Quality Fabrics, lightweight and high stretchable fabric allows excellent air ventilation and heat reduction
- Ergonomically Safe as it is woven with far infra-red ray (FIR) to promote better blood circulation while shaping the body effectively


Dari segi color and design, personally I prefer the NEW Elegance of course. 
The lace and gold embroidery looks stunning! 
I love the grey (silver) color too, and of course the fabric is so soft

Bila rasa dengan tangan, you can feel the difference
Sangat lembut macam satin, macam velvet, and sangat ringan
Bila pakai dekat badan, rasa macam tak pakai apa-apa, tapi badan terletak kemas, cantik bila nak pakai apa sahaja baju. 

Ada yang bagi feedback, this new elegance  nampak more sexy too! 

Yes, I totally agree ;) 

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