Feb 24, 2016

Best ke?

Ramai yang pm tanya tentang biz. Ada yg taknak join mungkin sebab terlalu banyak berfikir yg negatif daripada positifnya biz ni.

Tapi kalau awk tgk yg dlm gambar ni dorang kata  " bersyukur sebab tuhan pertemukan dengan biz ni ".

Anda mungkin tgh cari biz yg mudah tapi berbaloi kan. Jadi knp tak beri peluang buka hati buka minda untuk join. Sebenarnya di sini la biz paling mudah. 

Kalau kita blh berjaya dlm masa 2 tahun knp nk tgu bertahun2. Hehe

Bukan nak menarik hati. Tapi kenyataan. 😬☺️

Feb 19, 2016

The 3-piece Design

  • The unique 3-piece dimensional clipping cups designed to push up, support and provide firmness to chest.
  • Steel cartilage effectively provides firmness and support.
  • Bi-layer depression and tightness designed to flatten abdomen and enhance breasts natural shape at optimum.
  • 2 ultra-soft wire coils help to slim down body, enhance and firm up body contour.
  • The design of bi-layer depression and tightness enables to the reshape of excessive fat around the back, thus to attain an attractive figure.
  • Unique ‘U’ shape at the back not only serves as slimming purpose, but also outlines the back contour effectively.
  • Diamond butterfly serves as an ornament to protrude the exclusiveness of the product.
  • Three pairs of Hook-and-Eye give you safe and comfortable flexibility.

  • Made of seven pieces of ‘smart technology’ wires. It provides support to waist comfortably as well as upholds the backbone and straightens postures firmly
  • The unique body-shape design, transfers the fat from waist to the breasts and buttocks accordingly, thus to create a perfect and well-balanced contour.
  • The imported string from Japan enables the forming of an exquisite waist contour.
  • The flexible cutting design creates a perfect contour individually.
  • Three pairs of Hook-and-Eye give you safe and comfortable flexibility.
  • Diamond butterfly serves as an ornament to protrude the exclusiveness of the product.
  • Certified by American, Canadian, and Quebec Chiropractor Association.

  • The 32-piece stereoscopic cutting design, based on ‘Fragmentary Pressure Compression Theory’ will effectively divert displaced fat to its original position.
  • Unique hip cup cutting and design will effectively rectify the sagging buttocks, enhance the hip curve and prop-up-hip.
  • Detached contour thigh and buttocks, divert excessive fat around the thigh into the hip cup, attaining attractive  hip contour.
  • Cotton on the waist of girdle provides comfort and enhances waist curve.
  • Diamond butterfly serves as an ornament to protrude the exclusiveness of the product.
  • The fixed pressure compression at the abdomen reduces the excessive fat, thus to flatten the abdomen.
  • Bi-layer pressure compression design helps to adjust excessive fat around thighs, thus to develop slimmer legs.
  • Holey bi-layer cotton provides comfort while wearing 
  • Flexible laces avoid any uncomfortable feeling.

-Improves BLOOD  circulations
-Stabilize metabolic rate
 -SHAPE UP your body and give a good posture,
FIRM UP breasts and buttocks
-Reduce Cellulite and stretch marks
-Improve RESPIRATORY sistem
-Regulate period flow, improve irregular period and eliminate PERIOD PAIN
-Prevent the growth of CANCER cells 
-Help people to CONCEIVE baby
-Reduce back pain and good for people having problem with SLIP DISC

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Feb 17, 2016

The Leading Body Shaping Lingerie

Do you know that Premium Beautiful Sales sentiasa cecah Million Ringgit every month?

Now, we have two designs to choose from. It can be either the Classic Black or the Elegance in Silver with an exclusive gold embroideries.

- Stunning look with a lovely body contour as it gradually enhances body shape while maintaining excellent figure

Premium Beautiful Elegance

- Total Comfort & Flexibility for today's modern and active women
- Superior High Quality Fabrics, lightweight and high stretchable fabric allows excellent air ventilation and heat reduction
- Ergonomically Safe as it is woven with far infra-red ray (FIR) to promote better blood circulation while shaping the body effectively


Dari segi color and design, personally I prefer the NEW Elegance of course. 
The lace and gold embroidery looks stunning! 
I love the grey (silver) color too, and of course the fabric is so soft

Bila rasa dengan tangan, you can feel the difference
Sangat lembut macam satin, macam velvet, and sangat ringan
Bila pakai dekat badan, rasa macam tak pakai apa-apa, tapi badan terletak kemas, cantik bila nak pakai apa sahaja baju. 

Ada yang bagi feedback, this new elegance  nampak more sexy too! 

Yes, I totally agree ;) 

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Feb 11, 2016

TOP 5 Reasons Women Choose Premium Beautiful Corset

There are so many brands available in the market too.

Here I would like to share some tips that might help you to decide to go with what brand when you are looking for a corset/bodyshaper/bengkung. Most of you dah memang biasa dengar "Premium Beautiful", and some people just call it "Beautiful" or "PB".  Premium Beautiful Corset is already in the market for more than 20 years. Wahhh.. 20 years ago, Naa baru Darjah 5 kot and still main masak-masak lagi ;p

So, Kenapa agaknya PB ni famous dari dulu?
Why people keep on talking about this corset?
Do you know that Premium Beautiful Sales sentiasa cecah Million Ringgit every month?

Listed here, 5 top reason why women choose Premium Beautiful Corset

No. 1

All women wants to look good by having a perfect hourglass figure.They also want to lose some weight.

Most of us women, always complaining about body figures.
Ada yang nak besar situ, dan nak kecik sini. As we grow older, all body parts makin mengembang, jatuh, dan lari alignment. Kat sinilah Premium Beautiful Corset menjadi KEPERLUAN utama!

A good corset can hold and shape the torso, giving the desired figure. Women choose to wear it to emphasize their curvy figure, as this piece of garment reduces the waist and exaggerates the bust and hips.

Corset will act as an external gastric band and do not allow much expansion of the stomach, thus helping to control appetite and reduce food portions. Erti kata lain, kita dapat kawal kuantiti makanan yang kita ambil dan percepatkan proses nak kurus.

No. 2

Modern women always want to look at thEir best even after giving birth. Wearing the best corset in confinement period is crucial!

The post-baby figures can be really upsetting, we want to be back in shape in fastest time and gain back our confidenceWhy Premium Beautiful is the No.1 choice of confinement corset?

Because it is HASSLE FREE, unlike the traditional wrap.
Bengkung tradisional yang panjang berjela-jela tu bukan mudah untuk dipakai sendiri. Seketat mana ikatan pun, in few hours or after few toilet trips, semua akan jadi longgar dan tak terurus. So, lebih baik pakai bengkung moden atau corset yang memberikan hasil yang terbaik.

Premium Beautiful Corset
is embedded with Far Infra-Red Rays (F.I.R) which offers Health benefits to mothers.
Besides shaping and tightening, PB also helps you to overcome stretch marks and cellulite. Your breastfeeding journey will be a lot easier too as it can increase your milk supply while providing the best support your body needs. NO more 'bengkak susu' dalam pantang juga.

No. 3

Every Bride want to be Beautiful from every angle. From top to toe must be perfect!

As the wedding approaches, women will be looking for perfection in every single details. From the wedding invitations, dulang hantaran, pelamin, khemah, wedding cake, the wedding Ring, hand bouquet, wedding shoes, make up, sehinggalah baju pengantin semua perlu sempurna. 
Secantik mana pun baju pengantin or wedding dress yang meletop tu, it can never be a perfect fitwithout wearing the correct lingerie set. Because of that, women choose to wear Premium Beautiful corset underneath their stunning wedding dresses.

It is also a good investment, as you can wear it even after giving birth.

No. 4

Premium Beautiful can help women in/with gynecological related issue

As mentioned previously, this corset comes with FIR health benefits.
Premium Beautiful corset can be consider as one of alternative treatment for hormones imbalance, period irregularity, infertility, and menstrual cramps. However, you must always consult your Dr. first.

For those who have slow bowels/ constipation issues, the pressure of wearing a corset can sometimes stimulate the intestines and may allow a brief increase in peristalsis immediately after taking off the corset, making it easier to have a bowel movement. 

No. 5

It's about getting the BEST SUPPORT for your body posture, specifically your back.

Corset helps to control back pain and correct posture.
It also helps those with past injuries (e.g. car accidents, vertebral fractures, slipped discs), neurological disorders (e.g. tics, ataxia), wear and tear injuries (e.g. osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease) and auto-immune disorders (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia). Corsets may prevent scoliosis patients from worsening of their curvature once they no longer have a brace.

Have you ever heard, Premium Beautiful Corset have can reduce the intensity of headaches or migraines? Yes it is true and over time, wearers have noticed that the corset helps stop their headaches completely as proper posture can take the tension off the neck and shoulders.

From the Top 5 reasons, 
all women should consider wearing a good corset.
I hope my detail explanation above can help you decide.

The best investment made is to invest in yourself.
You can start by taking care of your body, in and out.

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Feb 6, 2016

Kenapa saya buat Bisnes SHOM


Hye sume! entry kali ni i nk kongsikan kenapa i agreed nk buat bisnez ni masa ika share pasal bisnes ni..  sebelum jumpa ika, i terlebih dahulu dah tau psl biz ni through my OnG tetapi mcm xde la feeling nak join.. Sekadar pakai PB untuk slip disc n period x stabil i je.. I plak masa tu blur ya amat, tak phm biz plan yg di terangkan.. Even after 1-2 bulan buat pon still blurr and yela masa ika cite biz plan pon kat opis n x focus 😜😜😜cuma mmg ade niat nk wat side income. so pastu sy tekad decide utk katakan tidak kepada biz ini.kenapa? sebab tak paham n nak belajar bg faham..

Dulu masa tak paham psl biz ni, mmg automatik kita kata mcm2, tp bila dah faham,. terus berubah persepsi terhadap biz ni. dan bila sy yakin dan percaya biz ni,saya terus buat! dan in one month,income saya cecah 4angka gara2 dpt bonus dan duit PB. phewwww mcm nak menari2 depan mesin ATM tu rase nye! walhal masuk x sampai sebulan pon.

After dah  bijak sikit, i pon start cari buss partner plak.. X mudah tp kita kne usaha.. Tanpa usaha n keyakinan dlm diri, mmg x menjadi lah bisnes ni.. klau kita yakin,kita just buat dan abaikan kata2 negative dari orang sekeliling.. I  mmg nk buat coz i have a big dreamzzz.. I  nak bahagiakan family,  nak balas jasa parents i yg dah bnyk bersusah payah mebesarkan i... 29yrs they raised me, tp apa je sumbangan i pd dieorang??? Takde ape pon.so sad.... ;( Sekadar 100-300 bg duit tetiap bulan, logically cukup ke?? So, i decide utk keluar dr zone selasa i purposely nak mgubah kehidupan ke i and hopefully i my family ke arah yang lebih baik 💕💕💕

So, ini kira mcm testimonial diri sediri selepas 3 bulan buat biz
Ini yg dikatakan, badan ramping poket gemok! ;) 
bdw, i x ramping lagi.. Odw nak ramping semulaa aaauuww -____-

So, i doakan uollsss berjaya merempuh halangan pertama which is BERANI mbuat keputusan sndiri. Dont let orhers stole urs💪💪💪
 ive read qoutes dr blog mentor i which,

"untuk berjalan beribu2 batu, kita memerlukan langkah pertama"

Ive taken my first steps!!,anda bila lagi? tak payah tepuk dada tanya hati, hati tu sifat die berbolak balik.. So, tengok muka mak ayah pun dah cukup utk mberi kesedaran ;)

Alhamdulillah, bersyukur dengan nikmat rezeki yang ALLAH kurniakan.

with love,

For further info n details, pm/wassap



Feb 4, 2016


You were born in a first class hospital, I was delivered at home, we both survived.

You went to a private primary school and I went to a public school, we both ended in the same high school.

You woke up from the bed and I woke from the floor, we both had a peaceful night rest.

Your outfits are all expensive, mine are all simple and cheap, we both still cover our nakedness.

You ate fried rice and roasted chicken, I ate local made food but we both still ate to our satisfaction.

You ride on Lexus jeep, Range Rover, G Wagon, Hummer Jeep and I use public transport but we still got to our various destination.

You may be reading this post from your Sony xperia, BB Z10, Q10, Samsung Galaxy 6edge, IPhone6+ and I typed it with my Touch one broken screen, we still see the message.

Lifestyle is not a competition and there are different ways to get a lot of things done, different lanes all leading to the same destination. Just because your neighbour is doing things faster does not mean you are failing.

Happiness doesn't come from having everything, but making the best out of what you have, it's all about how you see yourself.

Happiness is not having what you like. Happiness is liking what you have and being content.

Feb 1, 2016


Dengan ini  maka bermulalah Projek 1000 Tiket ke Beijing. #jombeijing

Thank you so much to SHOM, for #jombeijing.. qualified OSAKA belom terbang lagi... dah kluar trip baru ;agii.. wee huu =)

Inshaa Allah i nak pergi bawa RK, and of course tak sabar =)