Mar 19, 2015

24 hours?

like seriously.. this is not me.. im putting my 24 hours resignation letter to skypark..why its happen? all i can say is im not sure of being there.. the staff are good, but the boss n management dissapoint me..
babai skypark..

where should i go?? something to punder n im not regret with it =O

well, im stay connected with my previous boss n company.. alhamdulillah, when i bgtau what really happen to my ex boss, he easily get my point and always welcome me back.. well i guess, ICT world is worth me more than might be new things for me, but its a journey.. u'll enhance ur knowledge in differ discipline but who know? it will be my chance to explore and could be my future, right darla =P

im happy with my decision and i hope this is what i should do for my better future..

foot note : tq soo much for the 2 weeks KSPLP, but im more suits with MTSB.. =)

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