Feb 14, 2015

RIP Hummer

the last time i saw hummer was friday eve while i balik kerja n he was chillin under the rambutan tree looking at me.. dat was weird, sbb selalunya die akan sibuk nak masuk dlm rumah n makan.. but, i was in hurry sbb havin my menstrual.. masuk dlm, mandi then when i start looking and calling his name.. die dah x de.. i tot die pergi clubbin somewhere but still dlm hati berkata2 manalah si mer mer ni pergi..

After a week, numbers of responds from others yg baca poster n flyers kucing i.. at last i dapat satu wassap dr somebody.. He's found hummer!! im so happy ya Allah, akhirnya Kau temukan aku semula dgn hummer..

but, it does not stop there...

He did gave me his home address, less than 100m from my current house.. dat noon, im having my outin withd x jijie, wan and aida distribute flyers.. then pergi lunch thus after that we back home for solat zuhur.. after solat zuhur, we headin to that guy house..

it was not a good news for me.. yes, he found hummer but its hummer's body.. =( ull get me rite? dat man found hummer's body around 9 - 9.30 pm.. hummer was hit by motorcycle (probably) as xde major injured.. his mouth was bleeding and i guess his neck patah kot.. poor my baby =( i was soo sad and was cryin all the way from my house to his house.. n die pon show me the picture yg die captured to proof that.. hes very sure that the cat was someone sbb the cat was so cantik, big and u no..

im grieving rite now.. hummer is my 1st baby.. its hard to loose him, mcm cepat sgt die pergi n leave me.. i still terbyg2 muke die pandang i dat evening.. mommy minta maaf sbb  xpanggil mer mer masa tu.. mommy harap mer mer maafkan semua salah mommy kalau mommy suke picit2, hugs and kissin u while u x redha.. how much mommy syg mer mer and i do hope u'll rmember me.. although Allah dah ambil nyawa mer mer, ull always be in my heart insyaAllah.. ull teach me so much about being a good mommy to u, person, daughter and resposibility.. mungkin, setakat ni jer jodoh mommy n mer mer..

nota kaki: etta is missin u, she did lost her appetite and mcm byk termenung.. although mer mer xde dgn mommy lagi, mommy harap mer mer dapat doakan mommy dpt jaga etta baik2..

rest in peace my dear baby 8th April 2012 - 6th february 2015

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