Apr 16, 2014

Jersey Boy

Sapa nak tiket teater musical free?? Tgn harus diangkat even x tau cite ape.. Haruss okay!!!! Haruss!!! Tq jie✌️

Tq jijie sbb provide free tickets and there were 3 of us me, jijie n aidaa n lg satu asik colleages jijie..

The teathre starts with an opening ceremony by Tan Sri Liew one of SP Setia top management.. And da showww startss but i cant snap any pocture aa ot was prohibited.. 

Dat was the only pic i could snap😂 overall, the musical was ohsem.. But i couldnt manage to snap any pict with the cast.. Our sons turns to four seasons - Franklin, bobby, tommy & nicky what a great performance u guys just madee❤️ Begging, cherry, big gurl dun cry and soo many songss during da musical..

Footnote : tq soo much jijie foe the ticket and i swear tommy is dyingly hensommeeeee.. Aauuwww😘

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