Apr 8, 2014

Happy burthday IBU

April 7 here we are again!! Another wiser and older.. Sorry ibu but ateh ❤️ U soo much n i bet no words could descrribe how owsem n great u are since i was born!! May Allah bless your life thoroughly, murah rezeki, pjg umur n insyaAllah ill be your good daughter up to Jannah😘

Ibu, i love you so much as nothing in this world better than you. U are superwoman, queen og my heart and the best mom in this world. you willing to do everything, just for me eventhough you look so tired.

i thank you for always yelling to me when i was wrong

i know you always give your love to me since i was child untill now

i believe that u wont you let anybody hurt  me and you always give me first place in your hear 

from your dotter : ateh loves you ibu and always ❤️ U insyaAllah

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