Mar 10, 2014

Period Part 2

waaa... baru perasan post ni x terpost.. padahal dah tersimpan dlm draft lama dah.. phewww pheeww berhabokk =)

After balik from OnG tu, die suggest i makan EPO.. n of course all the cost my mom yg tanggung.. n it doesnt stop there.. start dr jumpa O&G tu, mmg berulang alik hosp selang 3 bulan.. she did ask me tuk makan ubat hormon insead of EPO.. so, i akan makan ubat tu in 3 month time, after that stop for next three month.. during that time, mmg hidup dgn pills and supplements but i x give up sbb i nak period every month! dats my aim.. tp period still x datang every month.. its only come every couple of months tp its teratur n dts make me happy.. a happy i am at dat time =)

but, it still x make me recover fully.. so, bila period x dtg dlm masa 3 month yg makan ubat tu, again i pergi jumpa O&G back.. thank god doctor tu jenis yg support and explain to me in details.. bila u x dtg period, mksdnya ur hormom is not stable, ur ovari could produce an egg and most probably u akan ada masalah untuk get pregnant when u get married.. i was shocked! sapa x nak pregnant n having a baby kan?? so, what i shall do?? i rmember at that time, i was shaking and sad.. but the doc again explain it to me.. its not us, the doc who can guarantee whether u ca have baby or not.. its God (she did say god, as my doc is buddhist) and thats make me smile againn=)

i did continue consuming the pills dr i form 4 sampaila i masuk u.. roughly about 10 years!! give up x yah cakaplaaa.. sentiasa nak give up but im thnakfull sbb my ibu n close friends yg tau masalah i support.. even kakak housemate masa kat uitm pon support n itu antara penyebab i x jadi nak give even kadang2 give up sbb bosan makan ubat..=p  

masa i kat uitm, doc did as me tuk datang on my 3rd day of period.. nak scan PCOS.. what is PCOS.. kita sambung next la eh.. wannna have my sleep nak koje besok!!! jauh nak travellll

Nota kaki : ibu slalu ckp, jgn give up sbb sakit ateh ni sikit je banding ape yg org lain alami.. so, dats part of the reason i kekal positive n x give up on my life.. part 1 kat sini

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