Dec 1, 2012



hey, hello,hi u awesome people!! its been ages it seems since i last updated my blog =) well, basically its been more than 2 months since my last x best update.. i feel I’ve neglected due to my hectic responsibilities each day... weekk =P 

I am trying to be as energetic as possible.. to be extremely positive now.. just pass SIRIM audit and today I thought of just sharing some of my personal experience / encounters / stories tht i’ve had the past few months...

laugh, mad, sad, excitement, grumpy, n the hard part is when u down.. its not that easy to cry, but i have u really experience crying for something you think is out of this world & is in your heart? it's beyond ordinary but its do gives a great content feeling to our heart.. this is when u found what u have been missing all this while.. the unexplainable.

life seem likes a burning candle.. what is left by a burning candle is just ashes from melted wax.. what is left from a broken soul is just a last tear drop from a broken spirit.. and spirit is what we =)

the sun do rise everyday.. the sun shines around us, gives us light, gives us many graet days.. but, in the end the sun that we own is in us. Our heart should shine everyday to create the best light in our soul.. we are happiness within u.. 

nota kaki : setiap kali kita berfikir, kita berada di dalam ruang itu... Itulah dunia kita yang lagi satu

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