Jul 25, 2012


May of us suffer deeply as every single thing sin this whole world has it way. Is it fair fo rus to question our fate n destiny? I dun think so.. Its all qada'n qadar and being stated up there at the Loh Mahfuz. Yes, we may try so hard to make it differ than it should be, but did u know what it should be? Allah S.W.T know and only HIM know that. 

U hope, i hope, all of us hope that whatever we/ve wish for standing in front of us, happen to us. have u ever made the coincidental?? if you had so, ts a dream come true babe!! But for me, every sinle day is a new day for me, live, life, laugh, sad, mad, overreact, annoying and sometime hard to handle. Well, most of the time hard to handle!! 

nota kaki: for HIM who make the best judgement about us

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