Mar 5, 2012


past few day, I can't have my major nap quite well =(.. well, my sleep being disturbed with a dream.. yeah!! mimpi itu xxbest (tipu sebenarnya mimpi tu adelah ape yg i nak) wee huu~ tp bile fikirkan balik, dat was not what i want..mungkin dulu i really hope that for happen n it didn't.. n there must be a reason why Allah make it like that.. Im happy with my life now n bear in mind dalam hidup ni, kita x kan dapat semua yg kita nak kan.. Families, best ties (even one of them make me think why do i have this kind of friend) friends, colleages n people around me are just great!! n im happy to be part of them =)

owh, dah tersasar lagik kan?? i love babling around.. ngee mcm machine gun mulut kite #_# tapi, refer balik kat mimpi2 yg indah Which I dapat tu, let it be rahsia Allah...kalau kita suka org tu x semestinye bercinta.. kalau bercinta pulak x semestinya ada jodoh.. n kalau dah jodoh x kemana pun.. look!! and once again i can conclude.."Jodoh itu rahsia Allah"

Alhamdulillah and im thankfull for everything that happen which happen to me.. past, current n future.. wee hee =) and not forgotten my little hijrah!! I want to strive for a better muslimah in 2012. I wanna be a better person, daughter, student, QA in whatever way I can n may 2012 brings the best for all of us!! Seems like new year je my post kan bdw, its kinda acceptable as i did not made any new year post this time.. agaggaga

Foot Note: how did he entered my nighty nap?? poor lala..

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