Mar 13, 2012

perempuan dan wanita,

I am confused =_=
what beauty means in the eyes of men?? 
Does the voluptuous physique?? 
Or on the charming character??
Whatever the answer.. I am still me =)  
I am a girl, a woman, a daughter...
It's my fitrah of love seen beautiful
but, the beauty of a woman shall be defined as what?
on the clothing she worn? or how she combs her hair?

the more she look after ourself 
cover thy nakedness neat
polite speech and gesture 
the HIGH VALUE she looks in a man *_*

out of all, it must be seen from her eyes
because that is the door of her heart 
the place where LOVE IS AVAILABLE

Nota kaki: I am looking for beauty which recognized by Allah, may Allah bless my intention.. I love u ayah 

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