Feb 1, 2012


I've been sick for about a few days now... I've taken paracetamol, benadryl, triprolidine, loratidine, bena expectorant (for my cough) and antibiotics (unknown name) but i still haven't gotten better and feel the same.

I've got runny nose, sneezing spell, and a sore, itchy throat (with a white spot on my tonsils) and nausea effect. I do cough, have a little fever, itchy/watery eyes, etc. Just those symptoms I named before.

I don't think I have step throat and I'm not sure if it is allergies. I'm a little bit surprised that these symptoms didn't stop even i've taken this medicine at about 3-4 days.. Should i go and perform other check up?? n yes i'm so no feeling well coming to office doing work with this symptoms -_-

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