Feb 13, 2012

burning candle & melted wax

hurm.. where should i start?? ade org kata kalau kita nak lupekan sesuatu yg pahit tu, all we have to do is just let it go. tapi, selagi die ade dlm hati, otak, bdan (boley ke) atau memori kita pastilah dan haruslah sgt susah nak dilepaskan, dilupekan dan dihilangkan.. penat mengeluh setiap saat, minit, jam, hari.. berganti minggu, berbalas bulan & bertahun selangnya.. Yes!! mmg untu melupekan, tp hati? my mom once said, its funny how ur heart can't lied to you, but ur brain can easily change..(qoutes by mummy) again, i'm writing this bukan nak mengingatkan jauh nak mengharapkan die dtg balik.. cume nak melepaskan yg spetutnya, x tertanggung dek hati +_+

Most of us agreed that first mmglah sgt susah nak lupe.. yes i do admit!! mizi (but its not about mizi now) was the first n it takes me 5 years before i can start to fall again (fall again, ko nak fall ape suke hati ko la, gile hebat aku!) lol its funny how our life turns we up n down out of no where...so sudden!! once we're at the top and tibe2 we could far down below...the best most funniest moment is when we fall in with the most unexpected person (mule2 x suke then tibe2...well, u noe #_~) at the most unexpected time =(... quite hated it but at the +ve sight, that is life!!

-ve sight will always chase you, but its how your we judge the things!! +ve will never reflect without pure heart, good attitude & bright thinking!! xoxo

foot note: even the time sgt2 la sekejap... tp susahnya nak hilangkan dr hati.. owh, tuhan je tahu -__-

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