Feb 10, 2011

a note from my heart...

Yes!!! the world is so unfair and many of us suffer deeply, the world has its ways…it's fair for us to question our fate n destiny.. God is in control & so are we of our own mind.. i hope, we hope, u hope that what we've ever wished for standing in front of us..
i think i've meet that coincidental time of mine, but it is not me who control my that dream.. all is perfect in spite of knowing that it's already taken.. taken by its presence,i am speechless n beyond words.. i can never presume what will come along within days ahead.. all i can say is i wish things were more fair in this world for me.. my soul is tired of crying pain instead i wish i could cry for more undying happiness..

i don't regret of having this kind of life, somehow as human being i'm arguing why Allah test me this way.. but there's must be a reason for that i'm sure!! as time past, all i could do is lay down & move closer to you my Almighty Allah S.W.T...

nota kaki: i am bubbling till drop!! i miss my yesteryears -_-

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