Nov 22, 2010

short me off!

I wish i could change everything in my life but its impossible. Its to hard to say and do, but i want to... why is the life to hard? Anywhere is like this? Can any person answer me this question. I want i could make my life better than now. I hate everyone who sebok2 kacau in my way specially HE but why is so so so !!!. i dont need to know every disgusting thing he think and do yet im the one yg update on him!! I cant take it any more i think im gonna blow up. I wish i could change everything in my lives and decide want is better for me and destroy whats wrong. But is impossible!! What is wrong with the world & why is this so unfair: if you dont have anything they stole that and if you have everything you feel so unhappy nothing is the right point between rich and poor.

1 comment:

  1. Herm i got similar thought. Just keep trying. At some point you will find a balance. Don't think on negative, just look on bright side. Talk to friend or even me. Even now i not yet find a balance. But i'm glad wit small thing in life, just for 2 or 3 minute.