Nov 22, 2010

in my head!!

my burthday just pass n i do wish for it to be awesome and fabulous for the whole year and years to comel.. Cheeewaaahhhhh (rmembering of nad tiba2) On a total unrelated matters im lil worried bout me being such a lazy as now i wasted almost one full night yesterday watching back-to-back Grey’s Anatomy.. wee~ Sungguh menarik... somehow, i wished i was a medical students, so this would be like a tutorial class for me like my babe told me (*_~) But, but, but!!! recently my interest in photography mcm up sket…
I am now surrounded by DSLR freak yang membuatkan saya rasa sedikit exsaited nak membeli DSLR saya yang comel itu..(ceh, mcm dah beli kan??) whiteberry i need u!! goo goo goo!!

nota kaki: audit postpone to 24?? owhh!! i dah berkobar2 ni tau x!! (Poyo je Kan)

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