Nov 9, 2010

I love my life and the people in it!!

probably i dun have to do this but just do it!! Known as lala n blown my candle on 19th november. an ordinary girl who lurv to be myself, type of girl who always don’t care about something out of my business.. i hate stalkers n i dun like people that hypocrite.. im not kind who trying to please u or make u smile thus accept me as who i am.. either love me or hate me, both ways I'm on your mind.. don’t hate me cause i'm cute n sweet but do hate me as cause u can't compete me!! And the shit that u hear about me might be not good enough to be peoples sweet mouth n then again it could be as FAKE as the bitch who told more thing!! just because i flirt it doesnt mean im a bitch..whore?? yes im camwhore!! I do look like butterfly as lurv beaty as much as gurls shold be even im not but i sting like a bee..wee~

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