Nov 22, 2010

short me off!

I wish i could change everything in my life but its impossible. Its to hard to say and do, but i want to... why is the life to hard? Anywhere is like this? Can any person answer me this question. I want i could make my life better than now. I hate everyone who sebok2 kacau in my way specially HE but why is so so so !!!. i dont need to know every disgusting thing he think and do yet im the one yg update on him!! I cant take it any more i think im gonna blow up. I wish i could change everything in my lives and decide want is better for me and destroy whats wrong. But is impossible!! What is wrong with the world & why is this so unfair: if you dont have anything they stole that and if you have everything you feel so unhappy nothing is the right point between rich and poor.

in my head!!

my burthday just pass n i do wish for it to be awesome and fabulous for the whole year and years to comel.. Cheeewaaahhhhh (rmembering of nad tiba2) On a total unrelated matters im lil worried bout me being such a lazy as now i wasted almost one full night yesterday watching back-to-back Grey’s Anatomy.. wee~ Sungguh menarik... somehow, i wished i was a medical students, so this would be like a tutorial class for me like my babe told me (*_~) But, but, but!!! recently my interest in photography mcm up sket…
I am now surrounded by DSLR freak yang membuatkan saya rasa sedikit exsaited nak membeli DSLR saya yang comel itu..(ceh, mcm dah beli kan??) whiteberry i need u!! goo goo goo!!

nota kaki: audit postpone to 24?? owhh!! i dah berkobar2 ni tau x!! (Poyo je Kan)

Nov 12, 2010


Bila menabur kasih
Ia dibalas dengan kekecewaan
Berita tak diingini
Yang cintai mau pergi
sangat sedih kan??

nota kaki: nothin we can do but pray to Allah as HE will help us trough this =)

Nov 9, 2010

I love my life and the people in it!!

probably i dun have to do this but just do it!! Known as lala n blown my candle on 19th november. an ordinary girl who lurv to be myself, type of girl who always don’t care about something out of my business.. i hate stalkers n i dun like people that hypocrite.. im not kind who trying to please u or make u smile thus accept me as who i am.. either love me or hate me, both ways I'm on your mind.. don’t hate me cause i'm cute n sweet but do hate me as cause u can't compete me!! And the shit that u hear about me might be not good enough to be peoples sweet mouth n then again it could be as FAKE as the bitch who told more thing!! just because i flirt it doesnt mean im a bitch..whore?? yes im camwhore!! I do look like butterfly as lurv beaty as much as gurls shold be even im not but i sting like a bee..wee~

Nov 2, 2010


they do ask me, why dont you talk direct to them?? its just that i hated public speaking but strong opinionated hence i love to deliver it by the powers of writing:) i do believe in a quote "the pen is mightier than the sword"!

nota kaki: splurge!!!