Oct 24, 2010


well...i'm just a normal person...
i'm not sarcastic..but i'm hilarious...
i'm not BITCH!!!!i just don't like you...
and i'm not obsessed...
i can be so loud and quiet..
i love the color pink..
i'm also a mess and my room usually is too..
i always laugh at the stupidest things &
i always say the wrong thing at the wrong time.. =)
i can get mad easily..so...watch out!!=p
I dare to be different
Random is in my nature
Vanity is a way of life
My blog ? Email ? Ask me. Don't go asking others.
I'm nice but I bite. HARD
Respect me first, then I'll respect you.

foot note:
Don't like me? Too Bad....
but i'm just me.. and that's all i can be...


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