Oct 21, 2010

& here is the story

He has answered so much for me and indirectly he has commanded me to rearrange my life from a scattered sand castle to a solid concrete palace.We can have so much but having just enough is something i can live with.The clock ticks for all of us and mine is also ticking.We do not know when our time will be over,when will doomsday come,when we will loose everything we own,love and cherish but right now for sure i live for allahmy family,friends and for my child whom i love deeply from my heart more than anything in my life.

We go through cycles of life everyday.We become good, bad, cruel, weak, strong, hopeless, greedy, forgetful, uncertain at all the time. This is what i call a miracle.A group of characters god gave us and something we should not question.It’s all written.We were all created the same not perfectly perfect but equal. I hope to be a better servant.What i wish and hope for god knows cause he listens. Alhamdulillah & insya allah those words shall stay forever and give me the best comfort in every moment i share & those words are also the words that shall be used to appreciate Allah the almighty as HE is great and i heart you ALLAH =)

Nota kaki: praises willnwver be enough as life is tougher tha we tot

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