Oct 2, 2010

heart grow founder

I don't really know how to tell u this
I see u, I listen to u, I talk against u
I know we have our attitudes differences =.=
U're the one I think most besides chocolate
I wish I could have told u this time ago but it was too private

Do you remember our meets after years?
On the gloomy night our smiles were the brightest
I was in my black flip-flop & pink shirts
U were in your brown sneaker & white/blue stripes t-shirts
Sweet I would say, no doubt!

When I see u
A little light inside me sparks up
Your gayness turns me on =)
I know it might be weird seeing us 2 walking down the street
When were together sharing our thoughts

Have i told u ur sexy pout that i adore lots
That im falling for you so hard &
Even ur not readin this, i just knew
My love won’t drift away
for u, justly n truly!!

Nota kaKi: ur so far away for me to catch!!

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