Oct 18, 2010


I do have differ assumption on friends
i dont need a friend that stay besides me all the time
i dont need a friend who laugh while im laughing
i dont need a friend who cry while im crying
i just need sumone who can make me laugh & stop me from crying
but, don't stop befriend

i loved him & hardly to let it go
i hated him as loved him so much
i missed him so bad as he made me cry
i being left all alone as he not choosing me
but, don't afraid to fall in love again

i believe only in HIM
i admit HE wont left us far apart
i know HE direct our steps
i know HE has plans for us
i know HIS clock is never one minute early nor one minute late.
It's always strikes right on time.

nota kaki: im soo out!!

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