Oct 14, 2010

cantek ke??

wee hee.. feel like my teeth a bit mancung and need braces... xceli, braces itu adelah one of dentist tools to correct my misaligned teeth, technically known as malocclusions...it do occured when our teeth are not properly aligned i mean not in regular curvature.. therefore, our beloved trained dentist will recommend a set of braces that will help n try to gradually move the teeth so that they are in better aligned... hope soo but it hurts maybe!!!

Before braces being placed, X-ray images of our set of teeth required as our beloved orthodontics need to identified n determine whether there is any need for one or more tooth to be extracted... This has to be done if some teeth overlap. The process of orthodontic treatment takes between 18 and 30 months.. Once corrected, you will have a beautiful set of teeth that can give you that perfect smile. *i aimed in this*

da best time to correct misalignment of your teeth is after age twelve(double of my age now) feel like im too old 4 braces.. but who cares?? its my money!!! tp, it is still possible at a much later age...=)

nota kaki: da best is when i can choose my own color..previously they only have dat metal one (zaman batu dulula) but i just feel like the colourless is more likely!! bdw,its my teeth n im sure u dont want ur teeth look like a rainbow dont u!!

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