Oct 2, 2010


in case ur not aware of it, i wish u read this gurl

i'm still that little girl that mommy's love so dont call me that woman
Dont call me the materials when u don't know that i own everything i wish to!
if u dont get what u want, dont blame me as i put effort n try on it!
if u know less anything about me, dont call me the miss whateva
Dont try to correct me when u don't even know what u just did
as u have ur own life, take a good care of it!
i no that im too annoyed for u to handle, but am i troublesome u?

Watch out!!

foot note:So DON'T until the right time!!


  1. sumbody who annoyed me a lot kakak!! sini cannot say.. panas nanti!! tp sy mmg geram!! kind of slut!!

  2. sabaq no....jgn marah2...bia je kat dia...dia jeles la tu...s long s u r epi is a good enough rite..bia je kat dia.sampai bila dia nk wat camtu..kan kan kan

  3. tekiu housemie!!! i just annoyed dgn org yg ntah ape2... =)