Oct 24, 2010


well...i'm just a normal person...
i'm not sarcastic..but i'm hilarious...
i'm not BITCH!!!!i just don't like you...
and i'm not obsessed...
i can be so loud and quiet..
i love the color pink..
i'm also a mess and my room usually is too..
i always laugh at the stupidest things &
i always say the wrong thing at the wrong time.. =)
i can get mad easily..so...watch out!!=p
I dare to be different
Random is in my nature
Vanity is a way of life
My blog ? Email ? Ask me. Don't go asking others.
I'm nice but I bite. HARD
Respect me first, then I'll respect you.

foot note:
Don't like me? Too Bad....
but i'm just me.. and that's all i can be...

Oct 21, 2010

& here is the story

He has answered so much for me and indirectly he has commanded me to rearrange my life from a scattered sand castle to a solid concrete palace.We can have so much but having just enough is something i can live with.The clock ticks for all of us and mine is also ticking.We do not know when our time will be over,when will doomsday come,when we will loose everything we own,love and cherish but right now for sure i live for allahmy family,friends and for my child whom i love deeply from my heart more than anything in my life.

We go through cycles of life everyday.We become good, bad, cruel, weak, strong, hopeless, greedy, forgetful, uncertain at all the time. This is what i call a miracle.A group of characters god gave us and something we should not question.It’s all written.We were all created the same not perfectly perfect but equal. I hope to be a better servant.What i wish and hope for god knows cause he listens. Alhamdulillah & insya allah those words shall stay forever and give me the best comfort in every moment i share & those words are also the words that shall be used to appreciate Allah the almighty as HE is great and i heart you ALLAH =)

Nota kaki: praises willnwver be enough as life is tougher tha we tot

Oct 18, 2010


I do have differ assumption on friends
i dont need a friend that stay besides me all the time
i dont need a friend who laugh while im laughing
i dont need a friend who cry while im crying
i just need sumone who can make me laugh & stop me from crying
but, don't stop befriend

i loved him & hardly to let it go
i hated him as loved him so much
i missed him so bad as he made me cry
i being left all alone as he not choosing me
but, don't afraid to fall in love again

i believe only in HIM
i admit HE wont left us far apart
i know HE direct our steps
i know HE has plans for us
i know HIS clock is never one minute early nor one minute late.
It's always strikes right on time.

nota kaki: im soo out!!

Oct 17, 2010

the who?

note to myself: bear in mind!!

i try my best but i don't succeed
i get what i want but not what i need
i feel so tired but i can't sleep
i lose something that i can't replace
i love someone but it doesn't go anywhere
N im soo in love to let it go
if i dont have a try
i'll never know just what i worth

nota kaki: i do believe that lights will guide me home as I try my best to fix U

Oct 15, 2010

kamu & saya = K.I.T.A

Ramai yg bercinta & yang sudah bertunang still confused on marriage. Although both have taken the time to know the ropes before betrothal ties, but the desire to build the palace is still pending because he was not sure whether your choice is the pair that is compatible with the self. lets have a look n check whether does it exists or not in your relationship together.

sometimes we r not really understand him as its too complex or too different from us but she has something special..he was always there in any circumstances whatsoever, well when you're in love, sorrow or disappointment... If he is there in every situation there is no doubt he is the best partner for you. Only those who appreciate and love you just be faithful in the side to face the situation.

You and her together to help each other, not only in matters of emergency, but also in financial matters the most trivial, like sending clothes to the laundromat. The most important thing you can go through all aspects of life together and all this you are going to feel very nice, although not involving other people. You can rely on your spouse in any circumstances.

Never or not when you are both not bersapa for several days because sulking but then get bored and contact the couple. At the same time he is also contacting you. Or have you thought of when your spouse, your phone rings received a call from him. These are signs you are sharing the six senses together with your partner. You sign, and he actually shared the soul and emotion. Feelings of longing, expecting to read the action or reaction partner in a particular situation is a priceless gift to the couple who has been joined together.

Look back at how your personal feelings to be with the couple. Would not you quiet, comfortable and happy when with him. Many hours with him, every time and every day never leave you bored. Even if you always wait for hours to meet him. The most important thing is not you feel so alone, but your partner as well. Arguably, one day your life is incomplete without his presence.

Yourself known to your spouse once you are now. He does not care about your past with your former lover. He is not shy to tell her of his past. She did not mind the background of your family or your past experiences. If that's your partner's attitude toward you means he is very loved you with a potluck. Not for wealth, status or appearance, but because you are real.

Each person is born is not perfect, certainly had no shortage. Similarly, you and your partner. But you and he sign a compatible partner is if he does not shy acknowledge its shortcomings. Akin to your own, you no shame or lack of ego to say you are. Even when you appear unattractive (when sick) in front of him even though he did not care. He has received your pickup. If indeed this is how you bond your relationship is destined to bersamnya.

Between the two of you no longer secret. He is where you pour everything from personal problems, work, and also about friends. You also share the latest gossip with her. The same with her. He also shared the deepest secrets with you without the slightest feeling of doubt. He assured that you'll treasure as possible. This belief is another sign you harmony together.

The conclusion is that the couple are destined to be together is not afraid to experience ups and downs together. Fight, a fight is not uncommon in relationships but do not make this something you guys charge =)

Oct 14, 2010

cantek ke??

wee hee.. feel like my teeth a bit mancung and need braces... xceli, braces itu adelah one of dentist tools to correct my misaligned teeth, technically known as malocclusions...it do occured when our teeth are not properly aligned i mean not in regular curvature.. therefore, our beloved trained dentist will recommend a set of braces that will help n try to gradually move the teeth so that they are in better aligned... hope soo but it hurts maybe!!!

Before braces being placed, X-ray images of our set of teeth required as our beloved orthodontics need to identified n determine whether there is any need for one or more tooth to be extracted... This has to be done if some teeth overlap. The process of orthodontic treatment takes between 18 and 30 months.. Once corrected, you will have a beautiful set of teeth that can give you that perfect smile. *i aimed in this*

da best time to correct misalignment of your teeth is after age twelve(double of my age now) feel like im too old 4 braces.. but who cares?? its my money!!! tp, it is still possible at a much later age...=)

nota kaki: da best is when i can choose my own color..previously they only have dat metal one (zaman batu dulula) but i just feel like the colourless is more likely!! bdw,its my teeth n im sure u dont want ur teeth look like a rainbow dont u!!

Oct 7, 2010

i wish for *clueless...

I've been so sangap lately.
Every morning, waking up feeling angsty, bored
I've nothing to look forward to
I've changed
you've changed
we've all changed.

Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst.

Cause we're all finding our own place in this world
And that's exactly how life really works

It's not a competition. Never will, never was
I have no interest, no intention whatsoever to mingle or settling in for new one
Well, for now...

foot note:i'm better off this way.

Oct 2, 2010


in case ur not aware of it, i wish u read this gurl

i'm still that little girl that mommy's love so dont call me that woman
Dont call me the materials when u don't know that i own everything i wish to!
if u dont get what u want, dont blame me as i put effort n try on it!
if u know less anything about me, dont call me the miss whateva
Dont try to correct me when u don't even know what u just did
as u have ur own life, take a good care of it!
i no that im too annoyed for u to handle, but am i troublesome u?

Watch out!!

foot note:So DON'T until the right time!!

heart grow founder

I don't really know how to tell u this
I see u, I listen to u, I talk against u
I know we have our attitudes differences =.=
U're the one I think most besides chocolate
I wish I could have told u this time ago but it was too private

Do you remember our meets after years?
On the gloomy night our smiles were the brightest
I was in my black flip-flop & pink shirts
U were in your brown sneaker & white/blue stripes t-shirts
Sweet I would say, no doubt!

When I see u
A little light inside me sparks up
Your gayness turns me on =)
I know it might be weird seeing us 2 walking down the street
When were together sharing our thoughts

Have i told u ur sexy pout that i adore lots
That im falling for you so hard &
Even ur not readin this, i just knew
My love won’t drift away
for u, justly n truly!!

Nota kaKi: ur so far away for me to catch!!