Aug 22, 2010

its so lame but its so true 0_o

Life is a collection of moments. As we grow older n time pass by, every single things happen called moments. They all are important and they all are count. After we live them, each of these moments is gone forever.

Guilty is nothing more than wasting today's precious moments on something that can't be changed from the past.
Worry in nothing more than wasting today's precious moments on something that may or may not happen in future.

Today is all we have. Thus,appreciate as much what we have today. We need to live all of today's moments. Today is a gift. That's why it's called "the present".

nota kaki: im bless for all memory i have..its

Aug 13, 2010


im havin a very early sahur today!! its only 12 n i call mcd!! im soo mengidamkan GCB afta nmpk iklan di tv tadi!!! so, as i told ppija die pon mcm agreed n we all pon mulakan project.. as chula n dila pon mcm lapr so we all order 4 set of GCB =) tp evry person ade differ2 taste,here's da packages.. pakej ke?? owwhhh~

1 - GCB & Coffee = ME!!!
2 - GCB & Ribena = PIJA!!
3 - GCB & Coke = DILA & CHULA

foot pics: its mine!!

Aug 12, 2010


arini sy berbuka dgn gurlfren saya di shah alam..
journey from seremban to shah alam takes me about 1 hour..
meet with 3 accident all da way to shah alam
make me drive with constant speed which less than 110km/h..
ooowwhhh!! oooowwwhh!!
meeting them was fun as havent meet them for ages...
but abit regret as i didnt meet mimi..oowh,i miss u ma!!!
hohoho...besok balik melaka okay...*kata hati*suke la tu!!!
meeting sugarplum adlicious..*_* happy2~!

nota kaki: bulan puasa makan n makan n makan...wee hee

Aug 10, 2010



were in fasting month!!!

completed my first terawih..

seems time pass so fast...

as i feel dat i just start to work with KLIA..

woo hohohohoo..

foot note: its ramadhan n its a blast!!!

Aug 9, 2010

pot luck~its ramadhan!!

yup currently me n nora are thinking of preparing bubur jagung n sammosa for tomorrows potluck...instead of shortage of coconut milk @ family store, were using the ayam brand santan segera..boley ka?? hahaha..hantam saja*_* cant say anything until we taste it tomorrow..tpkan, i just feel dat da taste mestila x sesedap using da original coconut milk.. haiisshh~~

foot note: again, im cookinng~!

Aug 7, 2010


Everytime you feel like you cannot go on, you feel so lost, that your so alone n all you is see is night & darkness all feel so helpless, can’t see which way to go just don’t despair and never loose hope cause Allah is always by your side

Everytime you commit one more mistake you feel you can’t repent and that its way too late your’re so confused, wrong decisions you have made & haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame...Don’t despair and never loose hope cause Allah is always by your side

Turn to Allah as he’s never far away, put trust in Him, raise hands and pray...Ya Allah, guide my steps don’t let me go astray & you’re the only one that showed me the way..

nota kaki: Insya Allah we’ll find the way


I praise Allah for sending me you my love
You found me home and sail with me
And I`m here with you now let me let you know
You`ve opened my heart
I was always thinking that love was wrong
But everything was changed when you came along
And theres a couple words I want to say

For the rest of my life
I`ll be with you, I`ll stay by your side honest and true
Till the end of my time, I`ll be loving you
For the rest of my life thru days and night
I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes
Now and forever I I`ll be there for you

I know that deep in my heart
I feel so blessed when I think of you
And I ask Allah to bless all we do
You`re my life and my friend and my strength
And I pray we`re together eternally
Now I find myself so strong
I know that deep in my heart now that you`re here
Infront of me I strongly feel love and I have no doubt
And I`m singing loud that I`ll love you eternally

foot note : im blessed, do hope it remains..amin..=)

Aug 5, 2010


korang mesti perasankan lately ni sy adelah gigih bertukar template..
esp bila sekarang blogger dah bg macam2 jenis design...
takda la tukar apa sangat pon...
balik2 yang sama aje, janji ade pink n green!!
n currently ade folwery plak...wee heee ~_~

tapi skunk ni kerja dah senang..boleh click2 aje
dah la sy nie jenis yg lak malas nak tukar2 layout..(leceh okay)
cuma sbb da kne sound* blog sy adelah sgt plain n kosong..
kenapa dah tak letak benda2 best semua*bdw, ape yg best???
nampak tak ceria la, buhsan la,apa2 la...
so ai pun start la tukar2..
konon2 nak bg ceria... cria ke skunk nie???

hurm,okla tu je lah luahan hati buat kali ini...
wah luahan hati??? katanyer lah kan...
*kelip2 mate*

foot note: wahai incik di melaka, sy suke awak la...=)

Aug 2, 2010

me ❤ u ✖_✖

if i could tell u one thing

i guess it would be that i love hearing your voice
seeing u from day to night
burst out laughing as something happen a day before
and that your smile just happens to brighten my entire day.

U make my heart skip beats like scratched CD
I'm clumsy & sumtimes i have a broken heart
We sumtimes fight & maybe someday nothings goes right
but when i think about it & take a step back
i remember how amazing life truly is that maybe

Nota kaki: i like being unperfect

Aug 1, 2010


melaka homey has been a great place 4 a perfect holiday 4ever...*no doubt!!* there's soo much tings (which is happy) dat happen n i'm greatly appreciate!!! thanks ALLAH!!! amin=)

touring from seremban to melaka on friday nite is not a tiring journey as da excitement start as i arrive @ melaka.. how i miss him very much!! *_* pics?? laterla i download... this update pon sbb terpaksa as i seldomly left my blog unupdated..wee hee!!

foot note: i do miss sumone *_~