Jul 13, 2010

just ❤

I feel like I don't belong here anymore. Why? Well, I think most times, it’s just a lot easier not to let the world know what’s wrong. I was expecting for a fun-filled break but after 5 weeks, I gotta admit this isn't the kind of break that i could get.. no break at all.. so, just after SIRIM i do hope of having long break..

I'm blessed with great family and great friends. But why does it feel like there's still something missing? Feels good to be home. It really is. Good food, good company but I don't fancy the weather too much.. just nice =) Oh bdw, the World Cup season is just finish even im not that excited for the game yes, I'm rooting for Germany... Poor Germany all the way baby to 3rd places... So who's with me? :)

What excites me now?? u?? i dont think soo.. uhuuuu.. seems like im having serius talking here..I guess we need to retreat into our own little corners from time to time and learn to put our own interests and concerns before those of the ones we care about.

Okay, And so it is; You're everything I want and need but everything I can't have and keep. The third, remember? I miss you.

Last week; Waiting for more people to come home and to meet up with the rest soon :)

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