Jul 26, 2010

im soo .....

As usual, kinda busy with my life now.. I am so up and down, tumbling around to adjust thus stables my life... Its hard,yes it is soo hard! That really makes me feel aware of life.. Without families, money and those living thing, it’s harder!! Oh well there nowhere for me to turn behind.... What I have choose I will face it with strength =) Lots of thanks to my girls who given me the faith and strength to live... Currently I’m not really active in blogging..=p I’m so freaking busy!

Oh well heard some rumors bout you... Damn I don’t give a shit about you anymore, I’m so out of you now and yes I don’t want to know single thing about you anymore!!! Ok now that satisfied me...hahaha (but am i happy??) Am I making the right decision? Am I‘ll be successful after this? What will be happen to me next? Gosh why can’t we know the future life? All of the questions are still around my mind and yet it’s hard to tink..

N still, I wanted to try living in an independent way which I always did before... Far away from family is hard but it also teach us 2 be strong and matured in a different way... but y do i still like this?? not matured in certain part?? y huh?? aiyark~ Enjoy is number two and responsibility is number one...in words yes, but reality i dun think soo.. hohoho.. but i do hope I’ll be ok here and hope I’ve made the right decision even its hard!!

foot note: updating progress for 2morrow monthly meeting, but i cant focus!! ouucchh!!

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