Jul 23, 2010

36 routine from now!!

back from office, dinner, basuh baju, air x de, so kne angkat dr toilet!! hua2!! bath(okay gemok kat sini!) out wif din n nora(minum je), send nora to terminal(balik perak okay!!), headin to bkt canggang, mayb ke equine park first~din n joji futsal, bukit canggang~syikin, tido...

bangun pagi, broga hill~syikin,arina,sya,joji n din, pica, eatin, laughing, camwhore!!! home, nite headin bangi meet irnie, wana, zura,nai,pijah, n few others @ ice room!!! dis would be an earthquake as we havent meet for more than a month!!

foot note: da schedule could be changed due to.... ?? all i noe is im havin fun wif my lfe, frens n colleages!! okay bye~!!

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