Jul 26, 2010

it's nisfu syaaban! yabedabedu....

i ought to know bout it from my mom bit late, but at least i know tat it's tonite... kinda weird cuz usually nisfu syaaban is quite an event but the surau over here seems...hurmm... the scene was ultimately different from surau back at pdg temu *melaka* where i belong too!! everything was celebrated in the most bigger way, like... when there's an event, we, all of the muslims were invited to go to surau and the 'budak surau' will make announcement...

kinda miss tat, but me, nora & kak intan would look at each other, talk bout it then we staright to secret recipe for our diner.. hohoho.. suppose we go to surau ite? anyow, its way different from here, but yeah, it's true tat we wont appreciate sumthin until we lose it...Oh, lari dr topik!! not dat lari.. as my grandma past away on nisfu syaaban,, kinda miss her much!! really much..n im only 7 yrs old dat time.. yes i miss granny much2!!

I dun noe but i get really excited by dis nisfu syaaban thingy cuz tis will indicates tat we only have less than a month to fast.. its 14 syaaban n tomorrow is 15 syaaban!! oh oh oh... i olredi imagine going to bazaar ramadhan, we eat till we drop!!! okay, it's goin' to be fun but i dun noe where is the nearest bazaar ramadhan over here as i just move here last couple of weeks.. if none, pity us...

da last ramadhna of mine full with sweet memories as i still a student at tat time... berbuka @ masjid klia together wif all trainee.. wat a beatifull memory huh?? instead, i do miss sumone dat do efect my lifetyme there.. hurm =( i'm not tat pious even my ibu was ustazah!! lol!! seems all friends of mine suprise wif dis.. hahaa:p BUT i'm hoping tat i'll be someone who is being recognised by who i am from inside than from the outside.. okay*xde kaitan pon kan?? watever!! but i'm hoping *again........(blaa.. blaaa..blaaa..) tat tis ramadhan will be a fresh start to new footsteps of becoming a new me, the improved one... InsyaAllah

nota kaki: wat happen to nowadays teenage huh?? poyo slhkan teenage sbb dri sdiri x betull.. haaiiisshh!!

im soo .....

As usual, kinda busy with my life now.. I am so up and down, tumbling around to adjust thus stables my life... Its hard,yes it is soo hard! That really makes me feel aware of life.. Without families, money and those living thing, it’s harder!! Oh well there nowhere for me to turn behind.... What I have choose I will face it with strength =) Lots of thanks to my girls who given me the faith and strength to live... Currently I’m not really active in blogging..=p I’m so freaking busy!

Oh well heard some rumors bout you... Damn I don’t give a shit about you anymore, I’m so out of you now and yes I don’t want to know single thing about you anymore!!! Ok now that satisfied me...hahaha (but am i happy??) Am I making the right decision? Am I‘ll be successful after this? What will be happen to me next? Gosh why can’t we know the future life? All of the questions are still around my mind and yet it’s hard to tink..

N still, I wanted to try living in an independent way which I always did before... Far away from family is hard but it also teach us 2 be strong and matured in a different way... but y do i still like this?? not matured in certain part?? y huh?? aiyark~ Enjoy is number two and responsibility is number one...in words yes, but reality i dun think soo.. hohoho.. but i do hope I’ll be ok here and hope I’ve made the right decision even its hard!!

foot note: updating progress for 2morrow monthly meeting, but i cant focus!! ouucchh!!

Jul 24, 2010


the 36 hour routine is change!!! im at putraja wif syikin n joji.. arina n sya should be here in any minutes.. tp x sampai2 pon...=) well, slalonye jogging d pullman..sgt santek menarik tertarik.. bis abuat hati jiwa kacau okay.. huhu

ini pica adelah pics saye n MINT.. sbb syikin adelah jogging tp kami berpose2.. *_* xceli ade lg sorang yg x dlm pic ni bersama kami posing.. tp sbb die nie adelah gler glemer kite x yah upload pic die\(>.<)/.. tp sbb sy bek, x sampai hati

tp today bukan d pullman!!! d presint 9 where small lake front of petronas.. n im curios whether this lake is mmg utk recreational o mcm lake @ sek7 s.alam tue..nnt kite upload pics erk, lau smptla yerk, sbb my ph batt dah kong la..*_*

footnote: sy x jogging pon sbb malas!! hua2!!! yeay!!

today sunrise!!

were here,

there met the peak!! (bdw, dis is not it okay)

togeher wif

using my

Jul 23, 2010

36 routine from now!!

back from office, dinner, basuh baju, air x de, so kne angkat dr toilet!! hua2!! bath(okay gemok kat sini!) out wif din n nora(minum je), send nora to terminal(balik perak okay!!), headin to bkt canggang, mayb ke equine park first~din n joji futsal, bukit canggang~syikin, tido...

bangun pagi, broga hill~syikin,arina,sya,joji n din, pica, eatin, laughing, camwhore!!! home, nite headin bangi meet irnie, wana, zura,nai,pijah, n few others @ ice room!!! dis would be an earthquake as we havent meet for more than a month!!

foot note: da schedule could be changed due to.... ?? all i noe is im havin fun wif my lfe, frens n colleages!! okay bye~!!

Jul 22, 2010

gigi gugu gaga gege

im havin a toothache rite now, yesterday meetin dentist ws fine, i dun have any prob but y does it hurt?? aiyark.. sgt x best!!

so, as i x tahan sakit today, im takin an el!! taking ponstan, sum bonjela on it n sleep!! huuhuhu, but da pain which nyut2 nyut2 is still there!! oowhh!! What does a dentist's award look like?? i dun't have any pic in mind, but apparently it's a big plaque with a little cavity... tee hee =)

footnote: was there any toothfairy yg nak tlg cure my pain?? ooowwhh, plaesae2!!!

Jul 16, 2010


❤diet.. tp x penah commited pun..
❤window shoping n shoping
❤hbs kn duit sndri
❤lepk dgn kwn n org tersyg
❤blog n fb
❤mkn2 n minum2
❤my mom
❤all my nieces n nephews
❤love HIM...(Allah n malaikat n rasul n nabi2)
❤fall in ❤ with some1 who is mature,penyabar,memahami dan ikhlas dgn sy
❤my frenz...
❤my self...hihi

❤talking much2~~

Foot note: saya x suke keadaan saya skunk~

Jul 13, 2010

just ❤

I feel like I don't belong here anymore. Why? Well, I think most times, it’s just a lot easier not to let the world know what’s wrong. I was expecting for a fun-filled break but after 5 weeks, I gotta admit this isn't the kind of break that i could get.. no break at all.. so, just after SIRIM i do hope of having long break..

I'm blessed with great family and great friends. But why does it feel like there's still something missing? Feels good to be home. It really is. Good food, good company but I don't fancy the weather too much.. just nice =) Oh bdw, the World Cup season is just finish even im not that excited for the game yes, I'm rooting for Germany... Poor Germany all the way baby to 3rd places... So who's with me? :)

What excites me now?? u?? i dont think soo.. uhuuuu.. seems like im having serius talking here..I guess we need to retreat into our own little corners from time to time and learn to put our own interests and concerns before those of the ones we care about.

Okay, And so it is; You're everything I want and need but everything I can't have and keep. The third, remember? I miss you.

Last week; Waiting for more people to come home and to meet up with the rest soon :)