Jun 22, 2010

liquid paper

saya gembira??? pasti la!! sbb saya gembira dgn kehadiran org2 yg buat saya lupe masalah saye.. tp kadang2 kite lupa yg ade lagi org kurang bernasib baek dr kita.. n im one of dat person la!! slaloo pikey yg i adalah org yg malangla, x bernaseb baekla.. tp bila me tgk keliling again n amati semula apa2 yg happen im thanks soo much towards Allah espeacially!!! thanks for giving da chance to feel, to taste, to hear, to experienced all that things..=) if u ask me whether im happy, i might say no sumtymes.. sbb me ikot hati.. tp hati inilah yg buat i gembira at certain moment..+_+ wee hee ~ fening x??? wuhuhuhu..tau x yg sy sgt rindu masa lalu saya.. masa2 yg saya tau x kan saya dapat semula.. tp itulah yg buat saya sedar dat all things happen for a reason.. n da reason is such a deep efect that touch my heart till today n i do hope it wont last forever!! bukan x nak ingat, tp kalau ill keep think ill get hurt!! but me sgt ssh nak lepaskan perasaan itu.. so, what should i do?? when i ask myself, da answer will remains a question where i couldnt find any.. am i talking about things dat is too complex?? da answe is NO! im just talking about my own heart..x_x y did dis appen?? again it appear..

foot note: if our life is as simple as what we write on a paper.. blank -O-

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