Jun 15, 2010


im wonder??? it is not stevie wonder okay.. but im thinking..what am i suppose to do?? huhuu..instead of doing my work, n all my daily routine.. *sigh* im soo soo la tired dgn my life sumtimes.. again sumtimes~!! n not all da tyme..

tapi, weeken aritu sangat la seronok!!! meetin adli after a week x meet him st seronok!! he was soo cheeky n noty!! but he make me laugh y showing his tooth.. tee hee~ charming n gorgeous!! (x kira nak jg ckp adli gorgeous even he is boy) wuuuu huuuu..besides, i meet my old tyme fren yg da lm x jupa..meetin him afta almost ayear sgt2 happy..theres soo much dat we could share xceli..n wat make me proud is bila dat guy has totally be da person that he really want to since early childhood lg!! doing few bussiness n politics!! *chayo2* im supporting kamu yupp!! yeay *_~

currently i mmg busy sbb on 29&30 june ill be audited.. for da 1st tyme!! oouuchh!! sgt scary n seram2..tp kite poyo2 confident n truskan je dn xtvt seperti biasa..wuhuhuhu..n 15&16 july nnt kne audit wif SIRIM pulak.. dush2!!! sgt tatot la...-_- hopefully evrytin runs smoothly.. do pray hard for me evrybody!!

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