Apr 27, 2010

aoouchie is wooried for temporary

i just hav no words to write..=(
ill keep deleted sentences dat i type..
*me get soo confused*
i have no idea + no mood...
seems everythin are no in my life currently..
but y i keep sayin no to myself??
y does theres no happy tings do occured??
y does theres no???

i miss much few people..
missing them much as i was here all alone
(tipu okay,me not alone ponĂ£de je org lain)
but, what i mean is, people dat me lurv being together..
doing works, laughing, screaming n sumtymes shouting...

here sum of my missin gay & lessie
being scolded & crying *crying betul2 ke*
sedey bila boyfie x mesej
byk kerja sbb SM x de
scan n fotostat soo much tings
baby practicing world cup in mummy tummy
sleepin partner~nobody hug ur leg huh??
byk surat nak anta ke,ptg2 ade goreng pisang x??
n etc..

even theres a person who doesnt like us doing that..
but who care?? as long as were happy..*_*

NOTA KAKI : currently im at KL as i being transfered here last weeks..

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