Mar 18, 2010

switchin ~ remote please!!!

im exhausted as my mood keep switching dis few days..
i missed the neutral feeling..
each day got some kind of bad suprise..
it got me soo tensed up whenever i baru nak tarik nafas lega..tsk..
hate this feeling!!! but, it do repeated each day..
i might not now what exactly was it..
but im sure its gona be ok in a while..
everything will turn out just fine soon..

one for sure,
make all the bad event go farrrr farrr away from me...
speacially the uninvited one ~ pleeeaaasshhh!!!
its killin me slowly tru my soul without me knowin it!!
n im soo soo sure in that.. tskk..tsk..

foot note:sape mau jd santek mcm saya?? *kelip2 mate+blushin*

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