Mar 31, 2010

request for information!!

Hello.. =)

As of now,what i can say is I'm not doing so great.. I'm in the state of unstable actually =( Well, first of all, sorry for not replying any of your emails,(dila) comments, YMs, or text messages ~ currently my celcom number left @ melaka homey, so do contact me thru my maxis (-_-) I'll get back da number as soon as possible okie my dear celcom..=)

Life's a little too busy and shaky now. I just don't know why I don't feel like have space in my head.. Not even to reply a back to my friend. (I know, I'm suck! ~ only me could say dat towards me). But well, what can I say, I'm only human. Erm.. a weirdo human being, actually. So I do have my ups and downs.. This week has been really really sucks, man!!! =( N i'll start to get wat i coll s evening*night fever mood.. tskk..apekah??? sick of get this weird demam..=l

Well..probabbly cuz I've got tons of stuff to think about...Most of the time, my mind will wander around.. Only my body's there. But my mind and soul has gone to everywhere in the world excessing everyting!! hehe.. Most of them are negative thoughts and destructive sentiments.. So basically it has affected my moods.. And I super duper hate it..

And unfortunately, this week pulak, my workload has increased tremendously! And I am now officially hating auditing activities!!And also, April is coming tomorrow... And I have not done anything yet..terkedek2 mcm kure2 patah kaki + buta..haih.. What a loser I am...Audit in just around da corner!!! its on 7th April...n its next week!! And im superly have dis sad n pity towards what have i done!! Just feel lyke i didnt help *din punyer SM*... =(

And to make it worst, there are person that has really really make my days become so awful and nasty.. Seriously, if you did that thing on purpose, I swear I will curse your life to be so difficult as you have made mine! haha. *Evil laugh* ) =P And I still haven't figure how to work things out between you and me..




Entah lah.. banyaknya lagi benda nak fikir!! Sumpah banyak. Ishhh.. Tah la. Dah 4 hari sakit kepala non stop. Even if I take that happy pills, it won't stop. Penipu punya ubat! =( actifast lagi la..mkn satu hari 4-5 biji pun x efek!!

Only chocolates can make me feel better. But then again, I cannot eat it! I'll have more and more fatties in my bums. =( Hmm.. I just don't feel like doing anything la. Anything at all. Can, ah? Nak cuti satu minggu after audit boley x??? duduk dalam spa boleh? shopping2 ke? heesshh.. duit pulak takde.. Dok perabis parking ticket, tol, minyak,makan, etc etc.. haiyooyoyoyo...

Bila la...nak abis PMS ni.. menyampah la perasaan tah pape camni.. isk ='(

Foot note: And sorry for not updating any interesting stories to share! I'll revert as soon as possible!! isk. =(

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