Mar 13, 2010

i said

My dearie blog!!
sorry for the lack of updates! Life's a little busy & hectic right now. And I may sound like a broken stereo for having to say this for so many times already! =P(Sorry!)

I know I haven't update this blog for awhile and not much of twittering as well!*its a long tyme since my last tweet,Tsk..cant rmember~! I've so many things to do =P (Please bear with me! I'll try to update bit by bit..)

And after been busy with my uninteresting life for about a weeks..only today, I realized it's March already! It has been 1yrs 2mnths and 23day since I started blogging! Blogging has become one of my fave pastime.. =) How I wish I could blog every single day!

foot note:my cheeks besar sebelah..mengapakah??? huhu..


  1. maybe u kurang senyum n so ur cheeks not stable....heheh... :D

    so senyum sokmo deh.... :D

  2. hahaha...
    less smile i lala??
    since when huh lily...
    huhu.. =)