Mar 31, 2010

request for information!!

Hello.. =)

As of now,what i can say is I'm not doing so great.. I'm in the state of unstable actually =( Well, first of all, sorry for not replying any of your emails,(dila) comments, YMs, or text messages ~ currently my celcom number left @ melaka homey, so do contact me thru my maxis (-_-) I'll get back da number as soon as possible okie my dear celcom..=)

Life's a little too busy and shaky now. I just don't know why I don't feel like have space in my head.. Not even to reply a back to my friend. (I know, I'm suck! ~ only me could say dat towards me). But well, what can I say, I'm only human. Erm.. a weirdo human being, actually. So I do have my ups and downs.. This week has been really really sucks, man!!! =( N i'll start to get wat i coll s evening*night fever mood.. tskk..apekah??? sick of get this weird demam..=l

Well..probabbly cuz I've got tons of stuff to think about...Most of the time, my mind will wander around.. Only my body's there. But my mind and soul has gone to everywhere in the world excessing everyting!! hehe.. Most of them are negative thoughts and destructive sentiments.. So basically it has affected my moods.. And I super duper hate it..

And unfortunately, this week pulak, my workload has increased tremendously! And I am now officially hating auditing activities!!And also, April is coming tomorrow... And I have not done anything yet..terkedek2 mcm kure2 patah kaki + buta..haih.. What a loser I am...Audit in just around da corner!!! its on 7th April...n its next week!! And im superly have dis sad n pity towards what have i done!! Just feel lyke i didnt help *din punyer SM*... =(

And to make it worst, there are person that has really really make my days become so awful and nasty.. Seriously, if you did that thing on purpose, I swear I will curse your life to be so difficult as you have made mine! haha. *Evil laugh* ) =P And I still haven't figure how to work things out between you and me..




Entah lah.. banyaknya lagi benda nak fikir!! Sumpah banyak. Ishhh.. Tah la. Dah 4 hari sakit kepala non stop. Even if I take that happy pills, it won't stop. Penipu punya ubat! =( actifast lagi la..mkn satu hari 4-5 biji pun x efek!!

Only chocolates can make me feel better. But then again, I cannot eat it! I'll have more and more fatties in my bums. =( Hmm.. I just don't feel like doing anything la. Anything at all. Can, ah? Nak cuti satu minggu after audit boley x??? duduk dalam spa boleh? shopping2 ke? heesshh.. duit pulak takde.. Dok perabis parking ticket, tol, minyak,makan, etc etc.. haiyooyoyoyo...

Bila la...nak abis PMS ni.. menyampah la perasaan tah pape camni.. isk ='(

Foot note: And sorry for not updating any interesting stories to share! I'll revert as soon as possible!! isk. =(

Mar 21, 2010

hot balloon vs water balloon

theres lot of tingy dat appen dis 2 days...

saya malas nak tulis!!!
nape?? sebab....tangan adelah saket...

bdw,refer to tajuk,we didnt get the chance to naik dat hot balloon!!
ticket sold out..yet, i still dapat nek balloon gak...
tapi water balloon!! wee heee~~
nnt me upload o me ask sape2 to upload da picture okie???
hee~~sigh >.<

mood maseh x okay!!

foot note:nak marah sape bila tgn saket???

Mar 18, 2010

switchin ~ remote please!!!

im exhausted as my mood keep switching dis few days..
i missed the neutral feeling..
each day got some kind of bad suprise..
it got me soo tensed up whenever i baru nak tarik nafas lega..tsk..
hate this feeling!!! but, it do repeated each day..
i might not now what exactly was it..
but im sure its gona be ok in a while..
everything will turn out just fine soon..

one for sure,
make all the bad event go farrrr farrr away from me...
speacially the uninvited one ~ pleeeaaasshhh!!!
its killin me slowly tru my soul without me knowin it!!
n im soo soo sure in that.. tskk..tsk..

foot note:sape mau jd santek mcm saya?? *kelip2 mate+blushin*

Mar 15, 2010


I was not happy
N i always think y do Allah test me this way

but when i look around me...

Im thanks
Praise n Thank to Allah
As i have a good life
Than certain people dont have.

foot nota: =)

Mar 13, 2010

i said

My dearie blog!!
sorry for the lack of updates! Life's a little busy & hectic right now. And I may sound like a broken stereo for having to say this for so many times already! =P(Sorry!)

I know I haven't update this blog for awhile and not much of twittering as well!*its a long tyme since my last tweet,Tsk..cant rmember~! I've so many things to do =P (Please bear with me! I'll try to update bit by bit..)

And after been busy with my uninteresting life for about a weeks..only today, I realized it's March already! It has been 1yrs 2mnths and 23day since I started blogging! Blogging has become one of my fave pastime.. =) How I wish I could blog every single day!

foot note:my cheeks besar sebelah..mengapakah??? huhu..

Mar 9, 2010


x x x

dont worry about the people in ur past..
there's a reason they didnt make it to your future

x x x

when u got smile on ur face & twinkle on ur eyes only true friends know that ur about to breakdown n cry

x x x

foot note:saye adalah rindu beby adlicious =(

Mar 8, 2010

the finishin line

I was thinking

I didnt think,do and apply the right thing in my life

I realized that some decisions we make in life turn out to be the best decisions ever.

I decided to stop missing, trying, waiting, hoping, and wishing for you.

Is the end of everything.

I hope it will never be the same again.

Is the start of everything.

Mar 3, 2010

nak gaduh jgn depan saye!

jam 6.00..
x balik lagik...
adelah kerana kerja y byk @ saye update blog??
okay..okay..sbb update blog..

saye adelah ade byk kerja..
byk nak buat b4 audit nie..
mari kite break la erk??
sbb saye sgt malas..
so, saya mengadu d blog saye..
saye rindu die..
sy selalo abaikan die skunk nie...
tp saya selalo je ingat die skunk..
buktinye biar saye je tau ~ boleykan??

mesti kamus benci dgn saye..
tp saye x kisah..
sbb saya buat ape yg saya nak..
saya x sshkan kamu..
tapi kenapa kamu2 semua kesah???
nak complain2 ape sy nak n buat..
saya cuma buat ape yg saye rase betul..
tp, ramai x suke bila mereka tau..
saya sedey bila ramai salahkan saya..
tp mmg salah saya..

kalau kamu terasa, saya adalah minta maaf..
tp saya mmg syg kamu..
sbb kamu mmg disayangi oleh hati saya..
saya x leh tipu..
sbb saya x pandai nak tipu diri saya..
tp saya boley tipu others..
sbb mereka bukan saya..
mereka nmpk saye ade semua
tp, mereka x nmpk ape y saya x de..
sbb saya pandai x tunjuk pd mereka..

foot note: dearie blog, saya mmg syg kamu sbb tu saya selalu cite2 dgn kamu lately, sbb die dah x de utk dgr ceritera saya..tqvm!! much appreciated ^-*

Mar 2, 2010

sugar plum

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

nota kaki: how i wish u we here rite beside me -_-