Feb 3, 2010

kaler ape??

there sumting that make me remind of this things just now.. whatever happened to anyone else could happen us also... and at the end of everyone youth was the possible truth that it all happens randomly, so dun regret!!! Fate only takes you so far, then it’s up to you to make it happen...sila pilih jalan hidup kamu sendiri~ bebas berlari!!! yeeaaayy!!! and lately, im amazed by this song ~ everyting i do, i do it for you.. by brian adams..

Noe what??? *tibe2 excited plak me kan* mummy call just now, seems we have family event this comin chinese new year*wink2~kelip2 mate sambil tunduk2 malu*..so, lets hav a blast this CNY adams family!!! yeah!!! X pilih colour themes lg.. any suggestion?? Nak nmpk cumel2 n kiut miut dihari itu nnt..*sye kan santek???* kan?? kan?? kan??

nota kaki: since when my dady name tukar jd adams?? okie, its uncle omar family!!

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