Feb 1, 2010

heart broken

I feel a gush of desire to meet you face to face. But I think I'll wait till I'm fully ready to see you again. I need to gather my strength as this very moment, I don't have any.

I never thought love could hurt me this much. Sometimes I wonder, what have I done wrong to deserve all this. As the saying goes, people always want what they can't have. This waiting game is killing me. I tell myself over and over again that I should move on but somethings holding me back from doing so.

What you've done to me makes me realized that maybe, I never knew the real you right from the beginning. If I do, I won't allow my fragile heart to fall deeply in love with you and for you to simply play with my heart.

saya n memen di opis sekiankalinye apebila mate juling
kami cantek x?? *kelip2 mate + blushin*

Foot note: You're the one who makes me look stupid or the other way around?? and the question keep haunted me.. *fikir2kanlah n selamat beramal*

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