Jan 23, 2010

jauh perjalanan

me odw balik melaka...tp sempat lg nak update blog juga...mish writing in here..when no one to talk..write it!! i dun hope anybody to read my blog s dis da only place i could write n tell ape2 yg i x suke, syg, sedih, or even ape2 pon...relieve when my hand start to move on the keyboard...sbb no one hav to tadah their ears n sshkan dgr my prob.. its just me n my lappy=) s long s me happy..dats just enough..

tp, was me happy in full mode??? ooohoooo (^_-) x biarlah rahsie okie.. me miss sumone, me hate sumone, me lurv sumone dat is always wif here til now, me annoy wit certain, me sick of bureaucracy*spellin ni betul x*... tp, sape dat sumone??? haahaha..suke nak ask mcm tue kan??? apela~~

me almost arive seremban, since kak dila is drivin with seyes cond, so me pun update my blog with khusukly *poyo okie* me miss mummy,dady,adli n all my aunt!!! x s
br nak jupe them all!!! yeaayY!!!

in da same tyme, me do hope my maybank card sihat..i cant withdraw mony!! hate it happen..my cimb pon same.. if nak rosak, rosakla nnt2 ke..

foot note: maybank o maybank~~cimb oo cimb!!! homey is fun!!!

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