Jan 12, 2010

Hello girls!

It has been like a week or so you haven't heard any updates from me, ey? Do you miss me? hehehehe... Well I do have to say that living a life without computers (and internet especially) can make me feel almost empty and bored to death! Ye la, I was on my workload..so the only thing I wanted to do was to blog, blog, blog, blog and update you guys on whatever things yang I suka merepek kat sini since I tak selalu update it..tapi itulah, like I told you earlier, the berukband is there tp my life mcm got corrupted and crashed while I was innocently unrealize what i want =P

And no, my dell lappy again in ICU..*ape kes ntah* So I now, is using my own mekbuk lappy and on a 'Safe Mode'. Eh, just a quick question though, how safe is this Safe Mode ey? n i do hope my mekbuk ni behave well supaya i x saket hati with it okie..Well, dell lappie please please please sedar dr koma sbb i mish u soo much!!!

Nota kaki: i wish i could met my jeans ite now, i left all my jeans @ s.alm..i pandai kan??? lets wear khakis n slack for dis whole week..=p

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