Dec 10, 2010

Life and love and why

I want:

1. more clothes, more jeans, more accessories, more bags, etc.
2. an iPhone 4
3. mecca or medina for hajj
4. all the money in the world
5. you

Sometimes I wonder why we want the latest fashion, the latest gadgets and all other stuffs. If we die tomorrow, all these things wouldn't even matter anymore. right?

Dec 8, 2010

Salam Maal Hijrah!!

Im writing this post after few weeks on silence mood.. lot of things yang buatkan aku dah malas nak continue on blogging.. partly becoz of timing .. the othr part is due to my mood swings...i find myself struggling ... not only emotionally but also in terms of managing addition to the emotional thingy... dats make my life in "horror".. I just need some courage.. Or perhaps i need distraction... Short trip to Medina or Mecca maybe...
InsyaAllah for this new year.. I just need to keep myself motivated.. boleh ke??.. Insya Allah.. its all in my mind frame..

Wishing you
happy memories of the past and
a great beginning for the coming of


Dec 3, 2010

Mengapa Hawa tercipta saat Adam tertidur & Hawa melahirkan saat dirinya terbangun..

Seorang laki-laki jika dia kesakitan, maka dia akan membenci. Sebaliknya wanita, saat dia kesakitan, maka semakin bertambah sayang dan cintanya,, Seandainya Hawa diciptakan dari Adam As saat Adam terjaga, pastilah Adam akan merasakan sakit keluarnya Hawa dari sulbinya, hingga dia membenci Hawa. Akan tetapi Hawa diciptakan dari Adam saat dia tertidur, agar Adam tidak merasakan sakit dan tidak membenci Hawa. Sementara seorang wanita akan melahirkan dalam keadaan terjaga, melihat kematian dihadapannya, namun semakin sayang dan cinta nya kepada anak yang dilahirkan bahkan ia akan menebus nya dengan kehidupannya.

Sesungguhnya Allah menciptakan Hawa dari tulang rusuk yang bengkok yang tugasnya adalah melindungi Qalbu(jantung, hati nurani). Oleh karena itu, tugas Hawa adalah menjaga qalbu. Kemudian Allah menjadikan nya bengkok untuk melindungi qalbu dari sisi yang kedua. Sementara Adam diciptakan dari tanah, dia akan menjadi petani, tukang batu, tukang besi, dan tukang kayu. Wanita selalu berinteraksi dengan perasaaan, dengan hati, dan wanita akan menjadi seorang ibu yang penuh kasih sayang, seorang saudari yang penyayang, seorang putri yang manja, dan seorang istri yang penurut.

Dan wajib bagi Adam untuk tidak berusaha meluruskan tulang yang bengkok tersebut, seperti yang dikabarkan oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW, “jika seorang lelaki meluruskan yang bengkok tersebut dengan serta merta, maka dia akan mematahkannya.” Maksud nya adalah dengan kebengkokan tersebut adalah perasaan yang ada pada diri seorang wanita yang mengalahkan perasaan seorang laki-laki.

Maka wahai Adam janganlah merendahkan perasaan Hawa, dia memang diciptakan seperti itu. Apabila seseorang wanita mengatakan dia sedang bersedih, tetapi dia tidak menitikkan airmata, itu berarti dia sedang menangis di dalam hatinya. Apabila dia tidak menghiraukan kamu setelah kamu menyakiti hatinya, lebih baik beri dia waktu untuk menenangkan hatinya sebelum kamu meminta maaf. Dan wanita sulit untuk mencari sesuatu yang dia benci untuk orang yang paling dia sayang ,,,,,,,

Nov 22, 2010

short me off!

I wish i could change everything in my life but its impossible. Its to hard to say and do, but i want to... why is the life to hard? Anywhere is like this? Can any person answer me this question. I want i could make my life better than now. I hate everyone who sebok2 kacau in my way specially HE but why is so so so !!!. i dont need to know every disgusting thing he think and do yet im the one yg update on him!! I cant take it any more i think im gonna blow up. I wish i could change everything in my lives and decide want is better for me and destroy whats wrong. But is impossible!! What is wrong with the world & why is this so unfair: if you dont have anything they stole that and if you have everything you feel so unhappy nothing is the right point between rich and poor.

in my head!!

my burthday just pass n i do wish for it to be awesome and fabulous for the whole year and years to comel.. Cheeewaaahhhhh (rmembering of nad tiba2) On a total unrelated matters im lil worried bout me being such a lazy as now i wasted almost one full night yesterday watching back-to-back Grey’s Anatomy.. wee~ Sungguh menarik... somehow, i wished i was a medical students, so this would be like a tutorial class for me like my babe told me (*_~) But, but, but!!! recently my interest in photography mcm up sket…
I am now surrounded by DSLR freak yang membuatkan saya rasa sedikit exsaited nak membeli DSLR saya yang comel itu..(ceh, mcm dah beli kan??) whiteberry i need u!! goo goo goo!!

nota kaki: audit postpone to 24?? owhh!! i dah berkobar2 ni tau x!! (Poyo je Kan)

Nov 12, 2010


Bila menabur kasih
Ia dibalas dengan kekecewaan
Berita tak diingini
Yang cintai mau pergi
sangat sedih kan??

nota kaki: nothin we can do but pray to Allah as HE will help us trough this =)

Nov 9, 2010

I love my life and the people in it!!

probably i dun have to do this but just do it!! Known as lala n blown my candle on 19th november. an ordinary girl who lurv to be myself, type of girl who always don’t care about something out of my business.. i hate stalkers n i dun like people that hypocrite.. im not kind who trying to please u or make u smile thus accept me as who i am.. either love me or hate me, both ways I'm on your mind.. don’t hate me cause i'm cute n sweet but do hate me as cause u can't compete me!! And the shit that u hear about me might be not good enough to be peoples sweet mouth n then again it could be as FAKE as the bitch who told more thing!! just because i flirt it doesnt mean im a bitch..whore?? yes im camwhore!! I do look like butterfly as lurv beaty as much as gurls shold be even im not but i sting like a bee..wee~

Nov 2, 2010


they do ask me, why dont you talk direct to them?? its just that i hated public speaking but strong opinionated hence i love to deliver it by the powers of writing:) i do believe in a quote "the pen is mightier than the sword"!

nota kaki: splurge!!!

Oct 24, 2010


well...i'm just a normal person...
i'm not sarcastic..but i'm hilarious...
i'm not BITCH!!!!i just don't like you...
and i'm not obsessed...
i can be so loud and quiet..
i love the color pink..
i'm also a mess and my room usually is too..
i always laugh at the stupidest things &
i always say the wrong thing at the wrong time.. =)
i can get mad out!!=p
I dare to be different
Random is in my nature
Vanity is a way of life
My blog ? Email ? Ask me. Don't go asking others.
I'm nice but I bite. HARD
Respect me first, then I'll respect you.

foot note:
Don't like me? Too Bad....
but i'm just me.. and that's all i can be...

Oct 21, 2010

& here is the story

He has answered so much for me and indirectly he has commanded me to rearrange my life from a scattered sand castle to a solid concrete palace.We can have so much but having just enough is something i can live with.The clock ticks for all of us and mine is also ticking.We do not know when our time will be over,when will doomsday come,when we will loose everything we own,love and cherish but right now for sure i live for allahmy family,friends and for my child whom i love deeply from my heart more than anything in my life.

We go through cycles of life everyday.We become good, bad, cruel, weak, strong, hopeless, greedy, forgetful, uncertain at all the time. This is what i call a miracle.A group of characters god gave us and something we should not question.It’s all written.We were all created the same not perfectly perfect but equal. I hope to be a better servant.What i wish and hope for god knows cause he listens. Alhamdulillah & insya allah those words shall stay forever and give me the best comfort in every moment i share & those words are also the words that shall be used to appreciate Allah the almighty as HE is great and i heart you ALLAH =)

Nota kaki: praises willnwver be enough as life is tougher tha we tot

Oct 18, 2010


I do have differ assumption on friends
i dont need a friend that stay besides me all the time
i dont need a friend who laugh while im laughing
i dont need a friend who cry while im crying
i just need sumone who can make me laugh & stop me from crying
but, don't stop befriend

i loved him & hardly to let it go
i hated him as loved him so much
i missed him so bad as he made me cry
i being left all alone as he not choosing me
but, don't afraid to fall in love again

i believe only in HIM
i admit HE wont left us far apart
i know HE direct our steps
i know HE has plans for us
i know HIS clock is never one minute early nor one minute late.
It's always strikes right on time.

nota kaki: im soo out!!

Oct 17, 2010

the who?

note to myself: bear in mind!!

i try my best but i don't succeed
i get what i want but not what i need
i feel so tired but i can't sleep
i lose something that i can't replace
i love someone but it doesn't go anywhere
N im soo in love to let it go
if i dont have a try
i'll never know just what i worth

nota kaki: i do believe that lights will guide me home as I try my best to fix U

Oct 15, 2010

kamu & saya = K.I.T.A

Ramai yg bercinta & yang sudah bertunang still confused on marriage. Although both have taken the time to know the ropes before betrothal ties, but the desire to build the palace is still pending because he was not sure whether your choice is the pair that is compatible with the self. lets have a look n check whether does it exists or not in your relationship together.

sometimes we r not really understand him as its too complex or too different from us but she has something special..he was always there in any circumstances whatsoever, well when you're in love, sorrow or disappointment... If he is there in every situation there is no doubt he is the best partner for you. Only those who appreciate and love you just be faithful in the side to face the situation.

You and her together to help each other, not only in matters of emergency, but also in financial matters the most trivial, like sending clothes to the laundromat. The most important thing you can go through all aspects of life together and all this you are going to feel very nice, although not involving other people. You can rely on your spouse in any circumstances.

Never or not when you are both not bersapa for several days because sulking but then get bored and contact the couple. At the same time he is also contacting you. Or have you thought of when your spouse, your phone rings received a call from him. These are signs you are sharing the six senses together with your partner. You sign, and he actually shared the soul and emotion. Feelings of longing, expecting to read the action or reaction partner in a particular situation is a priceless gift to the couple who has been joined together.

Look back at how your personal feelings to be with the couple. Would not you quiet, comfortable and happy when with him. Many hours with him, every time and every day never leave you bored. Even if you always wait for hours to meet him. The most important thing is not you feel so alone, but your partner as well. Arguably, one day your life is incomplete without his presence.

Yourself known to your spouse once you are now. He does not care about your past with your former lover. He is not shy to tell her of his past. She did not mind the background of your family or your past experiences. If that's your partner's attitude toward you means he is very loved you with a potluck. Not for wealth, status or appearance, but because you are real.

Each person is born is not perfect, certainly had no shortage. Similarly, you and your partner. But you and he sign a compatible partner is if he does not shy acknowledge its shortcomings. Akin to your own, you no shame or lack of ego to say you are. Even when you appear unattractive (when sick) in front of him even though he did not care. He has received your pickup. If indeed this is how you bond your relationship is destined to bersamnya.

Between the two of you no longer secret. He is where you pour everything from personal problems, work, and also about friends. You also share the latest gossip with her. The same with her. He also shared the deepest secrets with you without the slightest feeling of doubt. He assured that you'll treasure as possible. This belief is another sign you harmony together.

The conclusion is that the couple are destined to be together is not afraid to experience ups and downs together. Fight, a fight is not uncommon in relationships but do not make this something you guys charge =)

Oct 14, 2010

cantek ke??

wee hee.. feel like my teeth a bit mancung and need braces... xceli, braces itu adelah one of dentist tools to correct my misaligned teeth, technically known as do occured when our teeth are not properly aligned i mean not in regular curvature.. therefore, our beloved trained dentist will recommend a set of braces that will help n try to gradually move the teeth so that they are in better aligned... hope soo but it hurts maybe!!!

Before braces being placed, X-ray images of our set of teeth required as our beloved orthodontics need to identified n determine whether there is any need for one or more tooth to be extracted... This has to be done if some teeth overlap. The process of orthodontic treatment takes between 18 and 30 months.. Once corrected, you will have a beautiful set of teeth that can give you that perfect smile. *i aimed in this*

da best time to correct misalignment of your teeth is after age twelve(double of my age now) feel like im too old 4 braces.. but who cares?? its my money!!! tp, it is still possible at a much later age...=)

nota kaki: da best is when i can choose my own color..previously they only have dat metal one (zaman batu dulula) but i just feel like the colourless is more likely!! bdw,its my teeth n im sure u dont want ur teeth look like a rainbow dont u!!

Oct 7, 2010

i wish for *clueless...

I've been so sangap lately.
Every morning, waking up feeling angsty, bored
I've nothing to look forward to
I've changed
you've changed
we've all changed.

Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst.

Cause we're all finding our own place in this world
And that's exactly how life really works

It's not a competition. Never will, never was
I have no interest, no intention whatsoever to mingle or settling in for new one
Well, for now...

foot note:i'm better off this way.

Oct 2, 2010


in case ur not aware of it, i wish u read this gurl

i'm still that little girl that mommy's love so dont call me that woman
Dont call me the materials when u don't know that i own everything i wish to!
if u dont get what u want, dont blame me as i put effort n try on it!
if u know less anything about me, dont call me the miss whateva
Dont try to correct me when u don't even know what u just did
as u have ur own life, take a good care of it!
i no that im too annoyed for u to handle, but am i troublesome u?

Watch out!!

foot note:So DON'T until the right time!!

heart grow founder

I don't really know how to tell u this
I see u, I listen to u, I talk against u
I know we have our attitudes differences =.=
U're the one I think most besides chocolate
I wish I could have told u this time ago but it was too private

Do you remember our meets after years?
On the gloomy night our smiles were the brightest
I was in my black flip-flop & pink shirts
U were in your brown sneaker & white/blue stripes t-shirts
Sweet I would say, no doubt!

When I see u
A little light inside me sparks up
Your gayness turns me on =)
I know it might be weird seeing us 2 walking down the street
When were together sharing our thoughts

Have i told u ur sexy pout that i adore lots
That im falling for you so hard &
Even ur not readin this, i just knew
My love won’t drift away
for u, justly n truly!!

Nota kaKi: ur so far away for me to catch!!

Sep 30, 2010

i wish u no that is u man!!

Time together isn't ever quite enough
When you and I are alone, I’ve never felt so at home
What will it take to make or break this hint of love?
We need time, only time
When we’re apart whatever are you thinking of

Ooh..i wanted to tell u sumthing lame..
sumthing dat i could never tell u straight to ur face
dat whenever i see ur face
it really makes my heart race

nota kaki; So tell me darling, do you wish we’d fall in love? i wish too!!

Sep 29, 2010

no mood~

the past is the will not be repeated again although if i really hope that the past will happen again. It will never actually..So,why should i waste my time waiting for it to come true.. In some cases, it will and can be happen again but mostly, it will not..Thus, stop dreaming and chasing something that i know you will never get it.. the past can be forgotten but sometimes it can't be dat easy.. it's not you or my fault if we can't forget the past because no matter how hard you try,our heart still not ready to let it go then we will never forget our past..

just let it be like that and don't worry because one day, it will really go away.

nota kaki: past is past!!

Sep 27, 2010

padan muke!!

saya dah byr bil!!!

nota kaki:broadband da bley gne balik, tq maxis!!!

Sep 20, 2010


I know it's bit late for me to say this but, better late than never kann?
wee hee:)

Selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin!!
Have a blessed and joyful raya!!

Love is always patient and kind as it's never jealous
Love is never boastful or conceited coz it's never rude or selfish
It does not take offense and is not resentful..sekian!

foot note: ape kes dgn haku nie?? gilos kot!!

Sep 2, 2010

disappointed as u count on me!!!

yes, im lost in my own world!!
its ramadhan & reachin raya almost...the best part is when u dpt cuti 12 days from bos besar kat atas!! best kot nak ganti posa.. wuu huu=p currently my counted terawaih only 7 days jew..bad huh?? maklong admitted pantai, me travel melaka seremban weekly n sumtimes daily so sbb tu x jupe mase tuk terawih n url blog ni tuk update diri sdiri okay..berbuka dgn org2 dhotel2 sekitar2 melaka seremban adelah best bila makan disponsor..bdw, for dis posa i ada masak 3x! hahaha hahaha penat!! nak tido!!

nota kaki:im singing lagu raya tp x mandi2 lagi nie!!hhaassiihh =l

Aug 22, 2010

its so lame but its so true 0_o

Life is a collection of moments. As we grow older n time pass by, every single things happen called moments. They all are important and they all are count. After we live them, each of these moments is gone forever.

Guilty is nothing more than wasting today's precious moments on something that can't be changed from the past.
Worry in nothing more than wasting today's precious moments on something that may or may not happen in future.

Today is all we have. Thus,appreciate as much what we have today. We need to live all of today's moments. Today is a gift. That's why it's called "the present".

nota kaki: im bless for all memory i have..its

Aug 13, 2010


im havin a very early sahur today!! its only 12 n i call mcd!! im soo mengidamkan GCB afta nmpk iklan di tv tadi!!! so, as i told ppija die pon mcm agreed n we all pon mulakan project.. as chula n dila pon mcm lapr so we all order 4 set of GCB =) tp evry person ade differ2 taste,here's da packages.. pakej ke?? owwhhh~

1 - GCB & Coffee = ME!!!
2 - GCB & Ribena = PIJA!!
3 - GCB & Coke = DILA & CHULA

foot pics: its mine!!

Aug 12, 2010


arini sy berbuka dgn gurlfren saya di shah alam..
journey from seremban to shah alam takes me about 1 hour..
meet with 3 accident all da way to shah alam
make me drive with constant speed which less than 110km/h..
ooowwhhh!! oooowwwhh!!
meeting them was fun as havent meet them for ages...
but abit regret as i didnt meet mimi..oowh,i miss u ma!!!
hohoho...besok balik melaka okay...*kata hati*suke la tu!!!
meeting sugarplum adlicious..*_* happy2~!

nota kaki: bulan puasa makan n makan n makan...wee hee

Aug 10, 2010



were in fasting month!!!

completed my first terawih..

seems time pass so fast...

as i feel dat i just start to work with KLIA..

woo hohohohoo..

foot note: its ramadhan n its a blast!!!

Aug 9, 2010

pot luck~its ramadhan!!

yup currently me n nora are thinking of preparing bubur jagung n sammosa for tomorrows potluck...instead of shortage of coconut milk @ family store, were using the ayam brand santan segera..boley ka?? hahaha..hantam saja*_* cant say anything until we taste it tomorrow..tpkan, i just feel dat da taste mestila x sesedap using da original coconut milk.. haiisshh~~

foot note: again, im cookinng~!

Aug 7, 2010


Everytime you feel like you cannot go on, you feel so lost, that your so alone n all you is see is night & darkness all feel so helpless, can’t see which way to go just don’t despair and never loose hope cause Allah is always by your side

Everytime you commit one more mistake you feel you can’t repent and that its way too late your’re so confused, wrong decisions you have made & haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame...Don’t despair and never loose hope cause Allah is always by your side

Turn to Allah as he’s never far away, put trust in Him, raise hands and pray...Ya Allah, guide my steps don’t let me go astray & you’re the only one that showed me the way..

nota kaki: Insya Allah we’ll find the way


I praise Allah for sending me you my love
You found me home and sail with me
And I`m here with you now let me let you know
You`ve opened my heart
I was always thinking that love was wrong
But everything was changed when you came along
And theres a couple words I want to say

For the rest of my life
I`ll be with you, I`ll stay by your side honest and true
Till the end of my time, I`ll be loving you
For the rest of my life thru days and night
I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes
Now and forever I I`ll be there for you

I know that deep in my heart
I feel so blessed when I think of you
And I ask Allah to bless all we do
You`re my life and my friend and my strength
And I pray we`re together eternally
Now I find myself so strong
I know that deep in my heart now that you`re here
Infront of me I strongly feel love and I have no doubt
And I`m singing loud that I`ll love you eternally

foot note : im blessed, do hope it remains..amin..=)

Aug 5, 2010


korang mesti perasankan lately ni sy adelah gigih bertukar template..
esp bila sekarang blogger dah bg macam2 jenis design...
takda la tukar apa sangat pon...
balik2 yang sama aje, janji ade pink n green!!
n currently ade folwery plak...wee heee ~_~

tapi skunk ni kerja dah senang..boleh click2 aje
dah la sy nie jenis yg lak malas nak tukar2 layout..(leceh okay)
cuma sbb da kne sound* blog sy adelah sgt plain n kosong..
kenapa dah tak letak benda2 best semua*bdw, ape yg best???
nampak tak ceria la, buhsan la,apa2 la...
so ai pun start la tukar2..
konon2 nak bg ceria... cria ke skunk nie???

hurm,okla tu je lah luahan hati buat kali ini...
wah luahan hati??? katanyer lah kan...
*kelip2 mate*

foot note: wahai incik di melaka, sy suke awak la...=)

Aug 2, 2010

me ❤ u ✖_✖

if i could tell u one thing

i guess it would be that i love hearing your voice
seeing u from day to night
burst out laughing as something happen a day before
and that your smile just happens to brighten my entire day.

U make my heart skip beats like scratched CD
I'm clumsy & sumtimes i have a broken heart
We sumtimes fight & maybe someday nothings goes right
but when i think about it & take a step back
i remember how amazing life truly is that maybe

Nota kaki: i like being unperfect

Aug 1, 2010


melaka homey has been a great place 4 a perfect holiday 4ever...*no doubt!!* there's soo much tings (which is happy) dat happen n i'm greatly appreciate!!! thanks ALLAH!!! amin=)

touring from seremban to melaka on friday nite is not a tiring journey as da excitement start as i arrive @ melaka.. how i miss him very much!! *_* pics?? laterla i download... this update pon sbb terpaksa as i seldomly left my blog unupdated..wee hee!!

foot note: i do miss sumone *_~

Jul 26, 2010

it's nisfu syaaban! yabedabedu....

i ought to know bout it from my mom bit late, but at least i know tat it's tonite... kinda weird cuz usually nisfu syaaban is quite an event but the surau over here seems...hurmm... the scene was ultimately different from surau back at pdg temu *melaka* where i belong too!! everything was celebrated in the most bigger way, like... when there's an event, we, all of the muslims were invited to go to surau and the 'budak surau' will make announcement...

kinda miss tat, but me, nora & kak intan would look at each other, talk bout it then we staright to secret recipe for our diner.. hohoho.. suppose we go to surau ite? anyow, its way different from here, but yeah, it's true tat we wont appreciate sumthin until we lose it...Oh, lari dr topik!! not dat lari.. as my grandma past away on nisfu syaaban,, kinda miss her much!! really much..n im only 7 yrs old dat time.. yes i miss granny much2!!

I dun noe but i get really excited by dis nisfu syaaban thingy cuz tis will indicates tat we only have less than a month to fast.. its 14 syaaban n tomorrow is 15 syaaban!! oh oh oh... i olredi imagine going to bazaar ramadhan, we eat till we drop!!! okay, it's goin' to be fun but i dun noe where is the nearest bazaar ramadhan over here as i just move here last couple of weeks.. if none, pity us...

da last ramadhna of mine full with sweet memories as i still a student at tat time... berbuka @ masjid klia together wif all trainee.. wat a beatifull memory huh?? instead, i do miss sumone dat do efect my lifetyme there.. hurm =( i'm not tat pious even my ibu was ustazah!! lol!! seems all friends of mine suprise wif dis.. hahaa:p BUT i'm hoping tat i'll be someone who is being recognised by who i am from inside than from the outside.. okay*xde kaitan pon kan?? watever!! but i'm hoping *again........(blaa.. blaaa..blaaa..) tat tis ramadhan will be a fresh start to new footsteps of becoming a new me, the improved one... InsyaAllah

nota kaki: wat happen to nowadays teenage huh?? poyo slhkan teenage sbb dri sdiri x betull.. haaiiisshh!!

im soo .....

As usual, kinda busy with my life now.. I am so up and down, tumbling around to adjust thus stables my life... Its hard,yes it is soo hard! That really makes me feel aware of life.. Without families, money and those living thing, it’s harder!! Oh well there nowhere for me to turn behind.... What I have choose I will face it with strength =) Lots of thanks to my girls who given me the faith and strength to live... Currently I’m not really active in blogging..=p I’m so freaking busy!

Oh well heard some rumors bout you... Damn I don’t give a shit about you anymore, I’m so out of you now and yes I don’t want to know single thing about you anymore!!! Ok now that satisfied me...hahaha (but am i happy??) Am I making the right decision? Am I‘ll be successful after this? What will be happen to me next? Gosh why can’t we know the future life? All of the questions are still around my mind and yet it’s hard to tink..

N still, I wanted to try living in an independent way which I always did before... Far away from family is hard but it also teach us 2 be strong and matured in a different way... but y do i still like this?? not matured in certain part?? y huh?? aiyark~ Enjoy is number two and responsibility is number words yes, but reality i dun think soo.. hohoho.. but i do hope I’ll be ok here and hope I’ve made the right decision even its hard!!

foot note: updating progress for 2morrow monthly meeting, but i cant focus!! ouucchh!!

Jul 24, 2010


the 36 hour routine is change!!! im at putraja wif syikin n joji.. arina n sya should be here in any minutes.. tp x sampai2 pon...=) well, slalonye jogging d pullman..sgt santek menarik tertarik.. bis abuat hati jiwa kacau okay.. huhu

ini pica adelah pics saye n MINT.. sbb syikin adelah jogging tp kami berpose2.. *_* xceli ade lg sorang yg x dlm pic ni bersama kami posing.. tp sbb die nie adelah gler glemer kite x yah upload pic die\(>.<)/.. tp sbb sy bek, x sampai hati

tp today bukan d pullman!!! d presint 9 where small lake front of petronas.. n im curios whether this lake is mmg utk recreational o mcm lake @ sek7 s.alam tue..nnt kite upload pics erk, lau smptla yerk, sbb my ph batt dah kong la..*_*

footnote: sy x jogging pon sbb malas!! hua2!!! yeay!!

today sunrise!!

were here,

there met the peak!! (bdw, dis is not it okay)

togeher wif

using my

Jul 23, 2010

36 routine from now!!

back from office, dinner, basuh baju, air x de, so kne angkat dr toilet!! hua2!! bath(okay gemok kat sini!) out wif din n nora(minum je), send nora to terminal(balik perak okay!!), headin to bkt canggang, mayb ke equine park first~din n joji futsal, bukit canggang~syikin, tido...

bangun pagi, broga hill~syikin,arina,sya,joji n din, pica, eatin, laughing, camwhore!!! home, nite headin bangi meet irnie, wana, zura,nai,pijah, n few others @ ice room!!! dis would be an earthquake as we havent meet for more than a month!!

foot note: da schedule could be changed due to.... ?? all i noe is im havin fun wif my lfe, frens n colleages!! okay bye~!!

Jul 22, 2010

gigi gugu gaga gege

im havin a toothache rite now, yesterday meetin dentist ws fine, i dun have any prob but y does it hurt?? aiyark.. sgt x best!!

so, as i x tahan sakit today, im takin an el!! taking ponstan, sum bonjela on it n sleep!! huuhuhu, but da pain which nyut2 nyut2 is still there!! oowhh!! What does a dentist's award look like?? i dun't have any pic in mind, but apparently it's a big plaque with a little cavity... tee hee =)

footnote: was there any toothfairy yg nak tlg cure my pain?? ooowwhh, plaesae2!!!

Jul 16, 2010


❤diet.. tp x penah commited pun..
❤window shoping n shoping
❤hbs kn duit sndri
❤lepk dgn kwn n org tersyg
❤blog n fb
❤mkn2 n minum2
❤my mom
❤all my nieces n nephews
❤love HIM...(Allah n malaikat n rasul n nabi2)
❤fall in ❤ with some1 who is mature,penyabar,memahami dan ikhlas dgn sy
❤my frenz...
❤my self...hihi

❤talking much2~~

Foot note: saya x suke keadaan saya skunk~

Jul 13, 2010

just ❤

I feel like I don't belong here anymore. Why? Well, I think most times, it’s just a lot easier not to let the world know what’s wrong. I was expecting for a fun-filled break but after 5 weeks, I gotta admit this isn't the kind of break that i could get.. no break at all.. so, just after SIRIM i do hope of having long break..

I'm blessed with great family and great friends. But why does it feel like there's still something missing? Feels good to be home. It really is. Good food, good company but I don't fancy the weather too much.. just nice =) Oh bdw, the World Cup season is just finish even im not that excited for the game yes, I'm rooting for Germany... Poor Germany all the way baby to 3rd places... So who's with me? :)

What excites me now?? u?? i dont think soo.. uhuuuu.. seems like im having serius talking here..I guess we need to retreat into our own little corners from time to time and learn to put our own interests and concerns before those of the ones we care about.

Okay, And so it is; You're everything I want and need but everything I can't have and keep. The third, remember? I miss you.

Last week; Waiting for more people to come home and to meet up with the rest soon :)

Jun 23, 2010


There's this place in me

where your fingerprints still rest,

your kisses still linger,

your whispers softly echo,

the place where a part of you,

will forever be a part of me...

foot note: it happened again

Jun 22, 2010

liquid paper

saya gembira??? pasti la!! sbb saya gembira dgn kehadiran org2 yg buat saya lupe masalah saye.. tp kadang2 kite lupa yg ade lagi org kurang bernasib baek dr kita.. n im one of dat person la!! slaloo pikey yg i adalah org yg malangla, x bernaseb baekla.. tp bila me tgk keliling again n amati semula apa2 yg happen im thanks soo much towards Allah espeacially!!! thanks for giving da chance to feel, to taste, to hear, to experienced all that things..=) if u ask me whether im happy, i might say no sumtymes.. sbb me ikot hati.. tp hati inilah yg buat i gembira at certain moment..+_+ wee hee ~ fening x??? wuhuhuhu..tau x yg sy sgt rindu masa lalu saya.. masa2 yg saya tau x kan saya dapat semula.. tp itulah yg buat saya sedar dat all things happen for a reason.. n da reason is such a deep efect that touch my heart till today n i do hope it wont last forever!! bukan x nak ingat, tp kalau ill keep think ill get hurt!! but me sgt ssh nak lepaskan perasaan itu.. so, what should i do?? when i ask myself, da answer will remains a question where i couldnt find any.. am i talking about things dat is too complex?? da answe is NO! im just talking about my own heart..x_x y did dis appen?? again it appear..

foot note: if our life is as simple as what we write on a paper.. blank -O-

Jun 18, 2010


besok saya nak g kedah!!
rumah kakak ofis saye yg nak kawen..
tp mcm confius mau perg atau tidak dikemulaannye..
tp skunk perg juga.. tp..
mcm berbelah bagi pon ade..mcm mane nie???

foot note: will meet arina there!!! punyelah jauh nak jupe..=)

Jun 15, 2010


im wonder??? it is not stevie wonder okay.. but im thinking..what am i suppose to do?? huhuu..instead of doing my work, n all my daily routine.. *sigh* im soo soo la tired dgn my life sumtimes.. again sumtimes~!! n not all da tyme..

tapi, weeken aritu sangat la seronok!!! meetin adli after a week x meet him st seronok!! he was soo cheeky n noty!! but he make me laugh y showing his tooth.. tee hee~ charming n gorgeous!! (x kira nak jg ckp adli gorgeous even he is boy) wuuuu huuuu..besides, i meet my old tyme fren yg da lm x jupa..meetin him afta almost ayear sgt2 happy..theres soo much dat we could share xceli..n wat make me proud is bila dat guy has totally be da person that he really want to since early childhood lg!! doing few bussiness n politics!! *chayo2* im supporting kamu yupp!! yeay *_~

currently i mmg busy sbb on 29&30 june ill be audited.. for da 1st tyme!! oouuchh!! sgt scary n kite poyo2 confident n truskan je dn xtvt seperti biasa..wuhuhuhu..n 15&16 july nnt kne audit wif SIRIM pulak.. dush2!!! sgt tatot la...-_- hopefully evrytin runs smoothly.. do pray hard for me evrybody!!

Jun 8, 2010

sy ade blog *sigh*

lupa lagi?? berapa lamala nka tinggalkan blog ni bersarang kan?? da semak sungguh dah me tgk blog nie.. terbiar me sgt x sempat nak update la..penat n x tau nak tulis ape.. taip sepatah pastue delete, pastue taip lagi delete lagi... kenapa erk?? apelah kan?? hohohoho... my life @ seremban sekarang okay..(should i put ok??) hahaha.. living under one roof dgn nora adelah sgt happy sbb die adelah sgt baek n saya tau die kadang2 byk mengalah dgn saya..saya mmg suke sshkan org kan?? herk~ sedar tp still buat jugak..apelah #_# (dush2!!)sumtymes i just realize die pandang i n i noe die mest asking y do i keep changing mood whenever people surround me change.. guess what, me pun xtau napa..but it is more sbb i mmg mcm tue..=) sigh*_*

seems evryting is okay for now..for now okay..end of this month will be an internal audit..ohohoho..*sgt best* middle of july nnt ade surveillance audit by sirim pulak.. sgt seronok kan??? masuk kerja trus kne audit, belum bulan dah kene sirim audit pulak.. adoila!! krek2..kruk2.. bunyi ape erk?? hehehe.. auit, material, document review?? NCR, site memo, blaa blaa blaa.. *nak kerja x leh berkira okay..nnt x berkat* pesan ibu saya..

hohoho, tp saya ttp ade mase tuk sedey n wendu2 kat sumo2 la.. no need to bgtau sape kan?? wee hee~ kantoi nnt!! hahahaa sgt wendu kamu byk tau tak..

nota kaki: saya curik2 updates blog gne pc opis..dieorg leh detect x?? wee hee~

Jun 2, 2010

imperfection is perfect

sgt lama sy x update belog n tgalkan die.. sgt lama juga x bc belog sdri n blogwalking ke blog org lain... tpi sy sdg kecewa dgn kawan saya.. sy sgt harap die x jadi mcm saya, even sy pon x dgr nasihat, tp ssh kan?? people are unpredict..

nota kaki: menci mencii mencikkk meennnccciiikkkk!!!

May 25, 2010

ape kes??

betul ke salah..

sakit ke sedap..

gelap atau cerah..

kenyang ke lapar..

malas dan rajin..

kiri atau kanan..

May 23, 2010

mode of hated

i hate u people!!!

but i do text them n tell them i hate them..

my mood keep swinging okay!!

so if i do text n make u mad faham2 je la...

i mmg sgt moody skunk!!!

dun ask too much..

nnt silap2 kne sembur n hamukan saye pulak...

nota kaki: PMS ke sbb jd mcm nie?? sgt leceh!!

May 15, 2010

saya sgt emo sekarang

Ketika kita tidak pasti untuk memberikan jawapan kepada soalan-soalan yang lahir dari hati kita sendiri, itu tandanya sudah sampai masanya untuk berangkat pergi.. Kala itu, sepi lebih indah dari sebarang bunyi. Jika kita terus berteka-teki sedang teka-teki itu tidak akan anda temui jawapannya, sepi mengatasi segala nikmat. Maka katakanla pada diri, kali ini biarkanla perpisahan ini, satu pengorbanan yang perlu kerana hidup ini hanya akan bererti bila tiba-tiba terasa kehilangan dan diperlukan, antara rela dengan tidak, walau ada yang lebih dari tahu, tidak ada yang lebih berharga. Itu lebih bererti kerana ada kalanya perpisahan lebih bermakna daripada satu perhubungan yang amat menyusahkan. Tatkala kita berasa amat sakit oleh satu perhubungan, maka adalah lebih baik melangkah pergi. Adakalanya kita perlu melangkah ke belakang untuk mengorak langkah lebih pantas ke depan...

Adakalanya sepi menjadi lebih indah kerana disaat itu kita ada ruang untuk mengingati dan merindui. Tidak perlu merayu pada kerana hati kita milik kita dan bawalah hati kita dan pergilah dari situ..

Aku berhenti berharap

Dan menunggu datang gelap

Sampai nanti suatu saat

Tak ada cintaku dapat

Kenapa ada derita bila bahagia tercipta

Mengapa ada sang hitam bila putih menyenangkan

Aku pulang tanpa dendam ku terima kekalahanku

Aku pulang tanpa dendam ku salutkan kemenanganmu

Kau ajarkan aku bahagia……

kau ajarkan aku derita

Kau tunjukkan aku bahagia……

kau tunjukkan aku derita

Kau berikan aku bahagia……

kau berikan aku derita

footnote: anda berumur 23tahun tapi masih jahil n bertindak bodoh kan??? -_-

May 11, 2010

A to Z is I lurv U


nota kaki:i lurv u, u love me, were happy family, with a big heart given from me to you,then u say u lurv me too *jumpin2!! tee hee*

May 8, 2010


ia sedih dan gembira tapi disorokkan...

kerna ia sukar dilafazkan melalui kata2...

perbuatan adelah lebey dr cukup...

tapi semuanye hampa bg saya...

saya hanya perlukan pendengar...

tiada..kosong..nyata berbeda...


nota kaki: otak adelah beku..

May 6, 2010


sy adalah meluat bila dah berkobar2 nak menulis *muke bersunguh2*
time-time tu la nak cannot find server,problem loading page la..
ataupun kat tab tu berderet-deret loading..loading....loading....
demmit!! buhsan betul!!! *muke berkedut thn marah*
baru lepas bayar bill kot...
rasa macam nak kunyah je berokband nih..
tp bukan salah berukband nih xceli, mmg area ni mcm bagus-_-

sangat best week baru ini..
balik melaka dan berdating sama yg sorng tue..tee heee..ngee~~
kamu sila jgn kembang hati jika baca... ('+_+')
ibu saya n mak kamu adelah planner paling cerdik sy penah jumpe..
mkn n tidur di tepian pantai(bukan pantai belakang rumah okie)
kerja kl-seremban sampai kurus..x kurus,adalah tipu disitu
berkaraoke sampai tak larat...
makan after karaoke_its supper tp makan mcm lunch *_*
bermakan2 seafood di tanjung dawai, tipu2..d banting..
tanjung dawai tu lagu la...+)aiyark!! nmpk sgt terpengaruh dgn karaoke
walaupun masa sangat-sangat mencemburui,tapi saya have fun sangat..
say tag mint,joji,din,fera,azri,shikinto n en bob.. tp efek ke tag kat blog??

btw..akibat terlalu galak berseronok.
terjadi la insiden2 yang boleh di kategorikan semacam musibah terhadap aku..
(musibah dtg dulu before aku bahgie2 sebenarnya)
handphone yang di sorok bunian...ngeh2..ngeh2...
sebenarnya; hp itu tersorok di celahan seat kereta...
nmpk sgt saya adelah careless kan?? kan??
hahahaaha.. ye, sy mmg sgt careless..sekian=P

nota kaki: jujuk la!!

May 5, 2010

LUNA = colour

definiton could be so objective as each human have their own opinion
life could be full of mixed emotion under the earth..=)
colour of of life is like a painting..
either we color it with wonders of colors ^_^
simply leave it empty

or dull…
so, make a choice..
as choice will not let our life hanging over
without decision, point n etc..
we want to have a beautiful life
n we have the power to choose what pretty picture we want to paint for our life…

nota kaki: all we have to do is CHOOSE,dun blamed others as you're the one who coloured it with ur own colour..lurv (~_~)

Apr 28, 2010

beby of mine

currently im in da mood of back to melaka homey..
n im deeply missing dis baby of mine..=)

Nota kaki: hes not mine, let assume mine as im big enuf..-_- (big tp matured ke? confirm x leh jawab)

Apr 27, 2010

aoouchie is wooried for temporary

i just hav no words to write..=(
ill keep deleted sentences dat i type..
*me get soo confused*
i have no idea + no mood...
seems everythin are no in my life currently..
but y i keep sayin no to myself??
y does theres no happy tings do occured??
y does theres no???

i miss much few people..
missing them much as i was here all alone
(tipu okay,me not alone ponĂ£de je org lain)
but, what i mean is, people dat me lurv being together..
doing works, laughing, screaming n sumtymes shouting...

here sum of my missin gay & lessie
being scolded & crying *crying betul2 ke*
sedey bila boyfie x mesej
byk kerja sbb SM x de
scan n fotostat soo much tings
baby practicing world cup in mummy tummy
sleepin partner~nobody hug ur leg huh??
byk surat nak anta ke,ptg2 ade goreng pisang x??
n etc..

even theres a person who doesnt like us doing that..
but who care?? as long as were happy..*_*

NOTA KAKI : currently im at KL as i being transfered here last weeks..

Apr 22, 2010

un done

as im soo soo tired, hungry, sleepy... my fingers malas practice dance d papan keyboard mekbook ni, so what can i say is tgula bila2 i sempat o ada masa update kamu ya..sekian

nota kaki: x mampu berkata, selamat malam

Apr 17, 2010



nota kaki: gembira sampai x leh cakap, bye!

Apr 15, 2010

heart u rainbow

everything will be okay in the end..

if it is not okay..

it is not the end.

wait till da rainbow comes..
eventhought its a journey of obstacles..

nota kaki: [qoutes by unknown]

Apr 13, 2010


Untuk terakhir kali
Ku ingin bertemu

Meski aku tak akan pernah
Bisa lagi melihatmu
Cinta ini takkan hilang
Sampai mati kan ku simpan

Kerna hati ini tak mungkin bersatu
Menjalani cinta ini

nota kaki: im in lurv with the song *_*

Apr 12, 2010

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

What we had together was sweet
Im missing u much
And u were soo adorable, loving, priceless n darn irreplacable

But unfortunately not
Who’s gonna keep the faith for you now
Go get what you deserve to
I'm not going to be there for you
I don’t want to waste time anymore
Been there..done that..repeated mistakes

As mistakes are proof of growth
So,take me away to another exciting journey
Hopefully much more fullfilling... +_+

nota kaki: words are not enough, it needs u to make it real..

Apr 11, 2010

my blacky shinny frog -_-

saya kehilangan katak hitam untuk minggu ini...
katak saya direhatkan di ward untuk dibaekpulih..-_-

segala kegiatan sosial akan dihentikan buat seketika..
segala masalah adalah diharapkan dimaafkan..

saya akan pergi n balik kerja menumpang orang =l
ptg ini balik bukit canggang minta simpati dila hantar...
tp i still pay for tol n oil~~

foot note:jagalah hati org laen sebelum die saket..sekian =)

Apr 9, 2010

katak hitam

i do send my car to perodua last week...its just a week okay!!!

n now, after a week the sound stop pestering me.. *that came out from the bumper clipper and brake clipper gone* it comes again...huurrkk!!! y huh?? apekah yg terjadi dgn katak hitam saye??? menci2!!! dat sound will appear evry time i langgar any pacthes*betulke ejaan tue*,holes or ape2 ketidakrataan d permukaan jalan... n dat sound make me feel mcm my bumper nak cicir d tengah2 jalan... malu pon ade kot!! manela tau if my katak hitam tue betul2 gugurkan bumper die dtengah jalan... aiyoyoyoyoyo...

lau mcm nie, masyuk la me nak kne hantar si katak hitam itu ke perodua lg dis week... duit pon masyuk kan??? cukup2 je 2 tahun = guarantee katak itam itu abis, kamu pon kuarkan bunyi pelik2 pula.. tsk..tsk..hua2!! hua2!! napelah mcm nie??? dsaat2 aku menshpingkan diri kamu x pulak nak kuarkan bunyi...bile duit da masuk akaun org2 yg berkaitan, kamu pulak berbunyi2..sob2..sob2...

foot note: vv now 43559km odr n at 43924km nnt vv need servis again!! ✖_✖

Apr 8, 2010

im bad!!

saying goodbye is damm hurts
but not all goodbye is bad


saying goodbye hurts for us
but its better to seperate than to be weak infront of them

foot note:it is so true saya mmg lembek..=(

stupid mupid cupid

I feel lonely
As i have lots of to think & do
Yet i do feel empty
Can I send him a message saying that I want him back?
So that I could travel to where he's at
And have more fun than now...


To be really frank, there's no fun now...

may i?

foot note: Am i considered too much 4 asking this =?

Apr 7, 2010

mummy adelah ibu!!!

hari ini burthday ibu saya!!
saya happy s ibu still hav a good health...
n saya adelah syg ibu sgt byk..even saya x stay dgn ibu all dis while..
i do lurv her sbb die yg lahirkan saya...=)

what can i say is!! nothin much pown~~
nobody cant replace ur place in my heart!!
x yah kot nak buat ayat2 jiwang karat dlm nie..
nnt ibu perli2 sy poyo.. hikhikhik..
ckp bunga2 tyme ni x buat pon..
(x semue la,tp most of it i mmg ckp x serupa bikin)

ape2pon..ibu syg saye kan?? kan??
sbb mana ade ibu yg x syg anak die...
wee heee... lg2 anak yg mcm me ni...

foot note:saya heppy sbb burthday ibu,tp takut sbb besok adelah audit!!!

Apr 5, 2010


hahhaa...saye berjaya menshoppingkan diri!!!! (*_*) mata kelip n shining bile nmpk j.j...dan pd saat2 busy melanda nih...pabila aku bengang yg amat..*tipu jerk~padahal x bengang dgn sape2 pown* bershoppingan adelah ubat yg tebek...ngeh2..ngeh2...\(^_*)/

akibatnya... saya telah menambah jumlah

1-handbag ~mcm byk hand bag je kan(poyo)
2-t-shirt murah d googles
3-teetttt(wee hee)
4-slack *workin purposes*
5-favret tingy ever!!!

so,sgt x puas ati sbb x dpt bli knitted merah itu..nape la kamu mahal sgt wahai baju?? ketidakcukupan duit saye amatla nyata akibat dr beli belahan ini...adoi!!! mcm ne ni???tsk..tsk..*mode berfikir sekejap* okay, mari diet n jgn mkn utk bulan ini..

boley ka?? pasti tidak!!!

semalam pon makan d secreto d amor!!! shedap tom yum soup itu..slllrrppp~~ nanai mkn black pepper chicks d ulami dgn ice blended choc... wa!!! amatla seronok mlm2 ku semalam...semalam juga kamik mkn jambu batu sebanyak4 hinggit...semangat mkn jambu batu 69!!! nape?? sbb support mimi n her sibling yg berniaga jambu... =) saye baek kan??? *kelip2 mate*

foot note:meatball ikea adelah sedap, tp td colleages saye ckp bout kehalalan saye adelah ragu2... ape kata survey????


nak jugak kan??? x cukup dgn bulan omputih... bulan islam pon me nak kire gak my burthday...yuppy!! me was born on 19 rabiulawal...


ke rabiulakhir ah??? *malu2 n blushin muke saye*cover by kelip2 mate*

alaaa, sebulan beza x ape kot??? boley xmcm tue?? x pe2, nnt me coll ibu n tanye balik rabiulawal o rabiul akhir erk.. hahhhaa =)

x yah la wish =P kite tgu bulan november baru wish erk.. buat tatau je..janji tau(^_*) sakap kamu janji!!!*mode ugut+muke jahat* assume je saye x penah cakap pape bout burthday saye ikot bulan islam ni erk...wee..=)

foot note: mcm ne nak mudekan diri even sedar yg diri dah x berapa muda???

Mar 31, 2010

request for information!!

Hello.. =)

As of now,what i can say is I'm not doing so great.. I'm in the state of unstable actually =( Well, first of all, sorry for not replying any of your emails,(dila) comments, YMs, or text messages ~ currently my celcom number left @ melaka homey, so do contact me thru my maxis (-_-) I'll get back da number as soon as possible okie my dear celcom..=)

Life's a little too busy and shaky now. I just don't know why I don't feel like have space in my head.. Not even to reply a back to my friend. (I know, I'm suck! ~ only me could say dat towards me). But well, what can I say, I'm only human. Erm.. a weirdo human being, actually. So I do have my ups and downs.. This week has been really really sucks, man!!! =( N i'll start to get wat i coll s evening*night fever mood.. tskk..apekah??? sick of get this weird demam..=l

Well..probabbly cuz I've got tons of stuff to think about...Most of the time, my mind will wander around.. Only my body's there. But my mind and soul has gone to everywhere in the world excessing everyting!! hehe.. Most of them are negative thoughts and destructive sentiments.. So basically it has affected my moods.. And I super duper hate it..

And unfortunately, this week pulak, my workload has increased tremendously! And I am now officially hating auditing activities!!And also, April is coming tomorrow... And I have not done anything yet..terkedek2 mcm kure2 patah kaki + buta..haih.. What a loser I am...Audit in just around da corner!!! its on 7th April...n its next week!! And im superly have dis sad n pity towards what have i done!! Just feel lyke i didnt help *din punyer SM*... =(

And to make it worst, there are person that has really really make my days become so awful and nasty.. Seriously, if you did that thing on purpose, I swear I will curse your life to be so difficult as you have made mine! haha. *Evil laugh* ) =P And I still haven't figure how to work things out between you and me..




Entah lah.. banyaknya lagi benda nak fikir!! Sumpah banyak. Ishhh.. Tah la. Dah 4 hari sakit kepala non stop. Even if I take that happy pills, it won't stop. Penipu punya ubat! =( actifast lagi la..mkn satu hari 4-5 biji pun x efek!!

Only chocolates can make me feel better. But then again, I cannot eat it! I'll have more and more fatties in my bums. =( Hmm.. I just don't feel like doing anything la. Anything at all. Can, ah? Nak cuti satu minggu after audit boley x??? duduk dalam spa boleh? shopping2 ke? heesshh.. duit pulak takde.. Dok perabis parking ticket, tol, minyak,makan, etc etc.. haiyooyoyoyo...

Bila la...nak abis PMS ni.. menyampah la perasaan tah pape camni.. isk ='(

Foot note: And sorry for not updating any interesting stories to share! I'll revert as soon as possible!! isk. =(

Mar 21, 2010

hot balloon vs water balloon

theres lot of tingy dat appen dis 2 days...

saya malas nak tulis!!!
nape?? sebab....tangan adelah saket...

bdw,refer to tajuk,we didnt get the chance to naik dat hot balloon!!
ticket sold out..yet, i still dapat nek balloon gak...
tapi water balloon!! wee heee~~
nnt me upload o me ask sape2 to upload da picture okie???
hee~~sigh >.<

mood maseh x okay!!

foot note:nak marah sape bila tgn saket???

Mar 18, 2010

switchin ~ remote please!!!

im exhausted as my mood keep switching dis few days..
i missed the neutral feeling..
each day got some kind of bad suprise..
it got me soo tensed up whenever i baru nak tarik nafas lega..tsk..
hate this feeling!!! but, it do repeated each day..
i might not now what exactly was it..
but im sure its gona be ok in a while..
everything will turn out just fine soon..

one for sure,
make all the bad event go farrrr farrr away from me...
speacially the uninvited one ~ pleeeaaasshhh!!!
its killin me slowly tru my soul without me knowin it!!
n im soo soo sure in that.. tskk..tsk..

foot note:sape mau jd santek mcm saya?? *kelip2 mate+blushin*

Mar 15, 2010


I was not happy
N i always think y do Allah test me this way

but when i look around me...

Im thanks
Praise n Thank to Allah
As i have a good life
Than certain people dont have.

foot nota: =)

Mar 13, 2010

i said

My dearie blog!!
sorry for the lack of updates! Life's a little busy & hectic right now. And I may sound like a broken stereo for having to say this for so many times already! =P(Sorry!)

I know I haven't update this blog for awhile and not much of twittering as well!*its a long tyme since my last tweet,Tsk..cant rmember~! I've so many things to do =P (Please bear with me! I'll try to update bit by bit..)

And after been busy with my uninteresting life for about a weeks..only today, I realized it's March already! It has been 1yrs 2mnths and 23day since I started blogging! Blogging has become one of my fave pastime.. =) How I wish I could blog every single day!

foot note:my cheeks besar sebelah..mengapakah??? huhu..

Mar 9, 2010


x x x

dont worry about the people in ur past..
there's a reason they didnt make it to your future

x x x

when u got smile on ur face & twinkle on ur eyes only true friends know that ur about to breakdown n cry

x x x

foot note:saye adalah rindu beby adlicious =(

Mar 8, 2010

the finishin line

I was thinking

I didnt think,do and apply the right thing in my life

I realized that some decisions we make in life turn out to be the best decisions ever.

I decided to stop missing, trying, waiting, hoping, and wishing for you.

Is the end of everything.

I hope it will never be the same again.

Is the start of everything.

Mar 3, 2010

nak gaduh jgn depan saye!

jam 6.00..
x balik lagik...
adelah kerana kerja y byk @ saye update blog??
okay..okay..sbb update blog..

saye adelah ade byk kerja..
byk nak buat b4 audit nie..
mari kite break la erk??
sbb saye sgt malas..
so, saya mengadu d blog saye..
saye rindu die..
sy selalo abaikan die skunk nie...
tp saya selalo je ingat die skunk..
buktinye biar saye je tau ~ boleykan??

mesti kamus benci dgn saye..
tp saye x kisah..
sbb saya buat ape yg saya nak..
saya x sshkan kamu..
tapi kenapa kamu2 semua kesah???
nak complain2 ape sy nak n buat..
saya cuma buat ape yg saye rase betul..
tp, ramai x suke bila mereka tau..
saya sedey bila ramai salahkan saya..
tp mmg salah saya..

kalau kamu terasa, saya adalah minta maaf..
tp saya mmg syg kamu..
sbb kamu mmg disayangi oleh hati saya..
saya x leh tipu..
sbb saya x pandai nak tipu diri saya..
tp saya boley tipu others..
sbb mereka bukan saya..
mereka nmpk saye ade semua
tp, mereka x nmpk ape y saya x de..
sbb saya pandai x tunjuk pd mereka..

foot note: dearie blog, saya mmg syg kamu sbb tu saya selalu cite2 dgn kamu lately, sbb die dah x de utk dgr ceritera saya..tqvm!! much appreciated ^-*

Mar 2, 2010

sugar plum

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

nota kaki: how i wish u we here rite beside me -_-

Feb 28, 2010

jalan-jalan cari nenek

babai jay bee!! its a tirin journey lebey2 lagi bile i kne drive. kesakitan akibat kegelinciran x abes lagi. Dsbbkan me x berkesempatan mau on lappy dis few days, so lm baru dpt update dis abandoned blog..

okie, dis is pun short post je. Saket2 badan lagi n dapat pulak mereka ini mau singgah muar n sum2 tempat lagi..huuu..penat2!! tp syiok sekali sbb dpt jalan2.. Sungguh lm x jejak kaki d jay bee*johor s i slaloo pas tru je odw g kota singa...mcm x sedar ade granny d majidee itu...uhuuu... murtabak d arab street adalah terbek n i x jumpa kat mn2 pon slain dsitu,nyum2!! singapore fyers nanti me jumpa kamu lagi erk..seronok naek ngan adli sbb die x gayat*x mcm ade org gayat tu*

so,for a conclusion(mcm karangan budak darjah 5 kan) nice meetin u granny n hope to see u soon in march on the event..^_* the theme is purple+pink for us n cream+choc for naqib..=)

today: welcum back home melaka homey!!
tonite: meetin shah alam tonite..
tomorrow: gud morning bukit canggang n adalah kerja!!

nota kaki:DIN adalah CUTI BESOK!!!

Feb 25, 2010


wat a bad week!! demam just recover n tib2 datang lg musibah..
i was slipped!! n it hurt damm much!! i terbang sekijap n my boops was terhentak dgn jayanya n it was soo soo la saket!! rase mcm urat buntut terseliuh okie!! or mayb urat kentut tersepit!! ^_* da duduk nak bgn sakit, da bgn nak bend sakit.. kesimpulannye pinggang n adek beradiknye adalah sakit!! bile duk lame2 pon sakit~~ oohoooo!! tgh saket2 tue, my mak coling2 la pulok..da best part is rupe2nye my mak nak ngadu dat she was slipped.. slipped n jatuh dlm besen air!! lol!! so, x dapatla die nak dptkan kesimpatian from me akibat kejatuhannye itu s i pon saket akibat jatuh..huhuhu..

foot note: mlk homey tonite..boley ka drive lame2?? mest nak kuar kete nnt adelah sgt saket... hua!!!

Feb 23, 2010

imperfect is perfect [>,<]

accept & let go,
accept & correct,
accept & change,
accept & feel blessed

foot note: It’s either you keep the love you love or you throw away the love you love

Feb 22, 2010

da fun of demam!!!

ggrr!!! balik2 dr sg congkak wif all da fullers, me trus demam...aiyoyoyo.. apelah kan?? sungguh lemah antibodi sy ini..badan je gomok bulat tp lembik *baek me ngaku sdiri b4 org laen ckp* sungguh lemah sendi2 saye ini tau x!! n i hate bile i dmm2 mcm nie..sungguhla seksa jiwa ragaku...sadis betul ayat..hukhukhuk =( tp kdg2 seronok jugak,ade org yg mcm taking careof me..huhuhu,sy kan mengade2 so mmgla mcm kak chula x la manjekan sye pon, nak mkn pon kne g sdiri mkn kat kedai.cian me kan?? ohohohhooo.. demam o demam..
jom abaikan!! lg layan kedemaman ini lg saket,sebelum demam, kami adelah pergi ke sg congkak, o tkr tempay pangsun, okie tukar tempat lagi ke sg gabai..SO, last2 we berpiknik d sg gabai!! jauh perjalanan we all kan?? semata2 nak cari pot yg kat situ best ke?? ahhahahaa.. *bestla sbb dgn korang semue~kadang2 tiipu sbb nak sdpkan hatiorg x pe kan* huhuhu.. it was fun!!! makan2 n mandi manda, tp lg byk makan..kahkahkah

foot note: x leh tulis byk2 sbb me still not well n i penat!! so, nnt kite tgu bobby upload je picture dr camera die okie..=l

Feb 19, 2010

sehari sebelum & selepas hari ini adalah..

refer to tajuk diatas...*mcm tajuk surat kan?* adalah besok = sabtu.
ME: okay im being atack oleh siflu la~cian saye kan?? kan?? kan?? da start batuk2 n hidung sumbat2 nih,sungguh memencikan la~~hua!!

BESOK : ade course d HQ.. malas mau perg!! kne perg juga... tp, after dat lg best.. me nak g pikuniku d sg congkak.. b4 dis ada post bout i miss dat place..seyesly me da lm go there amek sample*perlu lg ke??FYP da abes okie lala santek..okay, kite main2 air there..da water was jujuk n i lyke!!*missin sumone here*

SEmalam: kami*adalah saye n din+ azri n ferrari* jupe abg tue kami!! ohoohoo..we meet faruqi last nite..havin dinner d salak tinggi together2..lm suda x mkn d situ even duduk bkt canggang~me mls kuar la..penat!! dat pakcik look bulat than b4..he seems epy2 n i rs sbb mau kawen kot!! ahhaaha...jupe mak mertua suda..waahhahaha

fami : im sorry 4 u..x sangka pulak jd mcm tue..bdw, live ur life!! kiteorg kan prlik dgn reason kamu asal kamu hepi suda!! tings unpredictable kan?? mcm2 tings happen unexpected..hurm..dat was life kan??? sumtymes were up n sumtymes were down.. happy n sad..sour n sweet.. ooOoopPppsSss!!!! lg ape erk??? hahahaa.. lala da bwek bwek mengong betul kan???

nota kaki: stok asam masam manis da abes..hukhukhuk..=(

Feb 16, 2010


i hate dis feeling!!!
u noe why???
sbb besok adalah kije...


Feb 15, 2010


foot note:hes soo soo la chumel n i nak kiss his cheeks nonstop!!

Feb 14, 2010

white pegion

Comparisons are easily done
Once you've had a taste of perfection
Like an apple hanging from a tree
I picked the ripest one
I still got the seed
You said move on
Where do I go
I guess second best
Is all I will know

You're like an Indian summer
In the middle of winter
Like a hard candy
With a surprise center
How do I get better
Once I've had the best
You said there's
Tons of fish in the water
So the waters I will test

You're the best
And yes I do regret
How I could let myself
Let you go
Now the lesson's learned
I touched it I was burned
Oh I think you should know
Cause in your eyes I'd like to stay...

Feb 12, 2010

sambil makan sushi!!

selamat cuti ya!! sy mmg menunggu cuti lame2 sbb ade batu besar yg saye hendak golekkan kuar dr kepala *merepek* wee~~

to all buddhist, selamat tahun baru cina!!!
wish ur year prosporos *mksdnye sgt2 prosper la tuh*

me nak hoyeh2 dulu..0_o
bukan selalu kan??

foot note: welcum home memey n sorry x aamek u kat airport even umah i sgt2la dekat ngan airport...bdw, me still nak present from thailand tau!!!

Feb 10, 2010

memen memet memot

nape saye ??
adekah saya berjanji ??
patutkah ??
bolehkah saya ??
cukup x ??

nota kaki: saye slmt sampai drumah dgn jayanye..-__-

ingat x??

lm suda x pegi main air kat situ!!!
alaaa..tempat saye amek sample FYP tue..
ingat kan??? jumla..jumla...

nota kaki: jumlah pergi..pweasee2!!

Feb 9, 2010

102 posts!!!

allooooo!!!! terlebey suda..
ingat mau kecoh2 my 100 post..
tp da lepas 100.. =(


foot note : penatla kije!!! saya mau kawen org kaye!! ade x org kaye nak kat saye??? perasan!!! hahahaa...

Feb 8, 2010

neon dan sg choh

semalam punye semalam...saye n zura ikot kak dyla pegi gombak!!! pegi jumpe busu dia..
*busu y suke bg kami mkn sampai gemok itu* sgt suke bg we mkn n mkn n mkn.. til perut x berkesempatan lapar..huh!! sungguhla baek tp sungguhla seksa perut kami.. bdw, tenkiu busu dila.. we gerak from shah alam just after maghrib, then pegi bank withdraw duet dulu..pastue g bank in duit yg dkuarkan td pulak..*sape tah,mcm x le transfer account kan??* aiyark!! menyusuri federal iway yg lengang sgtlah mengesyokkan*ade x dis word??.. hahaahaha=) then arive la dirumah busu...sampai2 je trus mkn mee bandung!! *me dah ckp kan?? mesti kene mkn punyer!! huh..seb bek we x mkn lg.. hahaha.. then we duk n hav a talk..huhuhu...

tibe2!!!busu ckp bout rumah rawang..
*pegi x? pegi x?*

DAN,tersebutlah kisah bile dgn banggenye makcik yg demam itu*tp demam die baek lepas mkn food yg i msk~pandaikan me masak* malu i.. blushin+kelip2 mate malu2 chumel... wee~~* dila pon ajak balik rawang malam tu gak..n=busu mestila nak!! kiteorg?? well,kiteorg lgla x kesah...jalan2 kan?? baju2 tu x yah pikey,ade spare busu n dewi punye.. so berlepas ke rawang la mlm tu..!!! hahahaa... okie, sampai rawang semue trus tido!! lg best me n zura is havin a very comfort nap ms dlm kete lagi..hahahaha.. seb beka de busu teman dila borak2... wee heee~~ lol!!!

we stay @ rawang on ahad..after zuhur balek gombak..wee huu~~jalan2 kan?? tp,sebelum balik tu singgah mkn "nasik ayam traffic light sg choh" busu ckp nasi ayam tue femes kat,me mkn dat ns not dat very da sedap yg sgt2 pon.. besa2!! tu je yg me buat dis weekends tp xtvt2 yg teroccur didlm perjlanan x yah nak cite kan???
me soo tired ite now..nak havin nap.. daa~~

nota kaki: dila, kamu jd x dtg tido @ my bukit changgang ouse ni??
me miss neon2 kuala lumpur*perlukah*

Feb 6, 2010

m'sia adalah panas utk saye!!

wee hee~
kak dyla demam la today..
very bad flu..pity her!!
so, me n yaya out to tesco for a while..
buy sum stuff, get back home s fast s we can..
then.. COOKED!!!! *impressed!!!
huhuhu.. im COOKED!!!
caye x?? caye x?? hee~~
im a good cooked *perasan disitu*
tp mmg i slalo perasan pon kan??? so, peduli ke??

okay, bebalik to kak dyla yg demam..
siap2 masak...serve on table..
then,kite bg die mkn kenyang2..
*nmpk x contoh kwn yg baek disini*
kamu patut puji bdk rajin ni tau!!
*kelip2 mate + blushin malu2*

okay2, kite smbg cite org dmm okai..
the we feed her with medicine =)
pastue ape lg??? ubat = sleepy!!!
da best equation ever .. hehehhe..
n now, shes got her sleep..
hope shes get well after..

nota kaki: salad+tomatoes+corn+cucumber+boiled eggs+1000island=da best lunch ever!!
nyum2 nyum2!!!

Feb 5, 2010

S'ban siew pou

di hari jumaat yg mulia ni..
dtg opis lmbt..
lapar gilek sbb smln x mkn..
penat n lope nak mkn...
terbau seseatu yg wangi..
perut bunyi krek kruk krek kruk..
tengah2 kusyuk buat kije...*x kusyuk sgt pon, cume poyo kan diri n muke seyes tahap gaban punye tipu2 byk kije sgt2* zuliana masuk!!
wahh!!! bkn puan cuti ka?? *tertanya2 dgn sgt curious*
rupenye...die dtg opis semata nak hantar mknan pd kiteorg..
its seremban siew pou punye curry puff!!!
nyum2!!! bapak besar!!!
hahahaa..currypuff yg besar lagi tasty...
hua!!! x cukup sebelah!!
me n mint makan lagi!!! *keji kan kami 2 org*
so, smue org mkn half, tp we both mkn satu...hikhikhik...
tibe2, memen ask.. halal ke kak mende ni???
soklan tu mmg bijak!!! *rs nak hempuk je*
da sedap2 curry puf tu masuk perut aku
baru nak tgk halal ke x??
tp, dsebabkan semue org pon mkn..
kite assume halal la erk..nnt kite check kedai tue.. nak smbg wat kije..
jumpe lagi d lain hari

foot note:mint tu mmg mcm tue, tekak anaconda ~ kedai tue ade cop malaysia book of record... kite check nnt erk..apekah???

Feb 3, 2010

kaler ape??

there sumting that make me remind of this things just now.. whatever happened to anyone else could happen us also... and at the end of everyone youth was the possible truth that it all happens randomly, so dun regret!!! Fate only takes you so far, then it’s up to you to make it happen...sila pilih jalan hidup kamu sendiri~ bebas berlari!!! yeeaaayy!!! and lately, im amazed by this song ~ everyting i do, i do it for you.. by brian adams..

Noe what??? *tibe2 excited plak me kan* mummy call just now, seems we have family event this comin chinese new year*wink2~kelip2 mate sambil tunduk2 malu*, lets hav a blast this CNY adams family!!! yeah!!! X pilih colour themes lg.. any suggestion?? Nak nmpk cumel2 n kiut miut dihari itu nnt..*sye kan santek???* kan?? kan?? kan??

nota kaki: since when my dady name tukar jd adams?? okie, its uncle omar family!!


x de ape pon nak repek dlm me buhsan n x tau nak buat ape.. as usual, me hav work to do, tp me nak break s me penat n penin2 cikit... mlm ni mau pulang shah alam, mau bank in duit road tax,lisence n duit kete woo~~ me kayap duh ini bula!! hahahaa.. tp bile kuar beli brg x hengat gak.. apelah kan??

rumah d bkt canggang...
opis pula lcct d sepang...
rasa buhsan mcm nak lempang2...
banyak kije sakit pinggang..

foot note: saya mengarang pantun?? x sangka saye..~gembira x leh bla~ *kelip2 mate sambil blushin*

Feb 1, 2010

heart broken

I feel a gush of desire to meet you face to face. But I think I'll wait till I'm fully ready to see you again. I need to gather my strength as this very moment, I don't have any.

I never thought love could hurt me this much. Sometimes I wonder, what have I done wrong to deserve all this. As the saying goes, people always want what they can't have. This waiting game is killing me. I tell myself over and over again that I should move on but somethings holding me back from doing so.

What you've done to me makes me realized that maybe, I never knew the real you right from the beginning. If I do, I won't allow my fragile heart to fall deeply in love with you and for you to simply play with my heart.

saya n memen di opis sekiankalinye apebila mate juling
kami cantek x?? *kelip2 mate + blushin*

Foot note: You're the one who makes me look stupid or the other way around?? and the question keep haunted me.. *fikir2kanlah n selamat beramal*

Jan 29, 2010

sesengit bau kopi dan biskut hup seng d perodua

You may not be her first, her last or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She’s not perfect – you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break – her heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze, and don’t expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she’s not there.That's just enough for her as she know you love her honestly.

foot note: i sorang2 tunggu vv diservis n buhsan tahap nenek gajah.. tp terubat kebusanan apabila ada coffee n biskut hup seng yg sgt sedap utk dmakan..

Jan 27, 2010

mourned !!

what do u expect in life???
ermm.. me hav soo much in life..
tp.. when da word 'tp' out from my mouth
mesti ade other mouth yg akan ckp..

"aren't u thank 4 what u got this long??"
"lala, ape lg yg x cukup?"
"u ni, cube u pikey org laen.."
n byk lg suara bebelan itu!!!
x suke dgr~ weks=P

adakah?? what i do now its wrong la.. mcm tue???
tp, i just do tings follow my heart..
dat was weakness ite???
okay, mayb ade org akan ckp me belagak o what...
tp, since i was a child, i got whatever i want
*anda nmpk masalah disini kan*

soo,s i grow up, i mcm makin demand...
boley x i kutuk my own self
*sungguh mengkeji diri sendiri
tp, dats wat happpen..i jd degil tp maseh baek hati =)
cuma, bila i nak sumting ill make sure ill get!!!
tp, kenapa dlm byk2 bende yg i nak...
theres sumting i didn't get
i want it soo still i cant have it..
soo, i mcm tense n i x suke my cond..

did we hav to lose in order to gain?
did we hav to hurt in order to grow?
did we hav to fail in order to know?
Does the best lessons in life learned through pain?

*baju+tudung yg same diprofile blog saye~sy sgt membusankan*

Nota kaki: Malam td saye dimarmundi keluar..,ptg ini saya dimarmudi masuk semula..
marmundi = jalan marmar + undi ~~

Jan 26, 2010

pintu masa lampau

geeee... geee.. gee...

aku penat!!

aku nyampah!!

aku benci!!

tapi...*we stop tink bout tink yg headache2*

mlm td me suke..=)

happy burthday to mimi n fadilah...

dey do reach 24 yesterday...

dat was happy...

so, lets continued doing work!!!


nota kaki: me hope found dat pintu masa lampau, so dat me could pegi tgkk my happy2 moment d zaman belajar,,no sick2 of headcahe..happy2 jew.. =)

Jan 23, 2010

jauh perjalanan

me odw balik sempat lg nak update blog juga...mish writing in here..when no one to talk..write it!! i dun hope anybody to read my blog s dis da only place i could write n tell ape2 yg i x suke, syg, sedih, or even ape2 pon...relieve when my hand start to move on the keyboard...sbb no one hav to tadah their ears n sshkan dgr my prob.. its just me n my lappy=) s long s me happy..dats just enough..

tp, was me happy in full mode??? ooohoooo (^_-) x biarlah rahsie okie.. me miss sumone, me hate sumone, me lurv sumone dat is always wif here til now, me annoy wit certain, me sick of bureaucracy*spellin ni betul x*... tp, sape dat sumone??? haahaha..suke nak ask mcm tue kan??? apela~~

me almost arive seremban, since kak dila is drivin with seyes cond, so me pun update my blog with khusukly *poyo okie* me miss mummy,dady,adli n all my aunt!!! x s
br nak jupe them all!!! yeaayY!!!

in da same tyme, me do hope my maybank card sihat..i cant withdraw mony!! hate it cimb pon same.. if nak rosak, rosakla nnt2 ke..

foot note: maybank o maybank~~cimb oo cimb!!! homey is fun!!!

Jan 22, 2010

mak yong sungguh

me hate dis place..

me dun want be here..

i wish i bley blik HQ balik..

but im stuck here til 17/04/2010..

what a journey...

bilakah akan tiba masa itu..

me just hate evritin here..

but.. ade but okie.. O_-

me lyke few people here..

dey just nice..

even me just noe them..

0_* ~~ tekiu for understand!!!

nota kaki: me just hope dis 3 munth will pass quickly.. nak cuti kne apply direct to tn hj azman... apekah!!!!! huaa!!

Jan 18, 2010

hari ini dlm sejarah

penat?? sangat!!! okey, tipu disitu!!!
not dat bad punya penat..
tapi...ada tapi okie...
penat juga la...
1st time attach to site..fhm2la..
seyesly me x perasan tyme past soo soo fast la...
hurmm.. missin my lunch...
sedar2 dah jam rajin kan (^__*)

cian me kan??
tp tue x truk lagi... ade yg lg truk okie!!
tp, no need to tell in here la..
x besh!! heehee.. wee~~
tp nak kp gak cikit..
when u work in a tean u kne ada firm flow la kan??
x leh la nak hope one side je yg act..
am i ite??
*please say yes!! ~ lau x me x nak kwn kamu lg*
ok, gedik disitu 0__o

so, lets we story mory da hepi2 tings je in here okie..
x pun yg jiwa2 kacau, yg layan2 je...
ofis tings x mau citer kat sini..
tamo bw balik kije to homey..
bad huh!! weee~

nota kaki: homey = happy2 tings = relaxin & ofis = workload = menci2 = sumtimes merier

Jan 17, 2010

ooo...i mish dis soo much!!!

Wujudmu Di Sini Di Tanah Anak Merdeka
Bagai Obor Ilmu Memayungi Putera Puterinya
Pelopor Hidup, Budaya Bangsa, Agama.... Negara
Pembentuk Akhlak Manusia,
Agar Jadi Sempurna
Ku Yang Melangkah Ke Sini Ingin Mempelajari
Rahsia Di Muka Bumi Dengan Cara Hakiki
Tunjukkan Aku Jalan Ilmumu
Untuk Ku Menuju
Destinasi Cita-cita Negara Dan Bangsaku
Majulah Bangsa,
Maju Negara
Berkat Usaha Jaya Mara
Kami Berikrar Akan Berjasa
Hingga Kita Berjaya….Demi Bangsa
Watikah Yang Ku Miliki Kan Ku Semat Di Hati
Janjiku Pada Pertiwi Untuk Menabur Bakti
Ku Sempurnakan Seikhlas Hati
Membela Negara
Doa Restu Ayah Bonda Ku Untuk Mu Semua
UiTM Usaha Takwa Mulia =p