Dec 29, 2009

hati berkata

Have i told u recently
How much i love you
I did not love u for this or that
I love you for the sake of Allah
You are true blessing sent to me by Allah
And I thank Allah for sending you to me
I have many friends, but you are different
You care for me when i feel others have no concern
You are there for me when i am in need of help
You understand me when no others try
You comfort my heart when others make me stressed
You make me remember of Allah when others make me forgot
i can go and list many more ways how you are so special
I ask Allah to make us among those who under his shade of judgment
as two people who met and parted for the sake of Allah

Thank you for giving me advice when i was so confused
Thank you for helping me find my way when im so lost
Thank you for forgiving me when i said and did wrong things
Thank you for putting me on check when i started to go astray
Thank you for making me fear Allah when i got too involved in duniya
Even thank you is just no enough

I ask Allah to give you good in life and hereafter
I ask Allah to forgive you, have mercy,protect you and give u health and sustenance
I ask Allah to make you among his most dear servant
I ask Allah to love you and love all those who are dear to you
I ask Allah to grant you a place in Jannah and i pray i can be there with you

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