Oct 16, 2009

~ nite talk ~

there are certain times when even the most tactful discussions about relationship issues will achieve nothing... That's been the case since ???? i cant answer dat... I do hope by week as i attach 2 site, I will be able to tackle even serious dilemmas without dramas of any kind... Hahaha... so, lets pray 4 da best 4 me as i only have 3 ore weeks here...

dats da spirit gurl!!!

2 weeks for site attach n da last week to finish up my final task n presented it to ( i dun noe who, but acording to en zaffuan it could be mejar, pn zutina n en. i x ingat his nama la...) huhuhu...so, lets have fun @ da site!!!

Nota Kaki: ive got dat qms for klia college s my final presentation...urgh!! i dun lyke it!!!

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